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14 April, 2019

100% Success Rate for our Bilingual Students

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100% Success Rate for our Bilingual Students
100% Success Rate for our Bilingual Students Our bilingual students have achieved 100% Success in their DELF examinations.

Our Rayyan campus offers a very ambitious Bilingual Programme to students in Years 1-6. They learn all subjects in both languages whilst strengthening their English and French language skills.

This year 21 of our students attended an ECA to study the French language and prepare for the DELF Prim examination. The DELF (Diplôme d'études en langue française) is an official certification of French language proficiency for non-native speakers of French aged between 7-11 years.  The exam is administered by the CIEP (Centre International d'Etudes Pedagogiques) on behalf of the French Ministry of National Education. It  is equivalent to a French language diploma and it is valid for life. It tests skills in the following subjects:-

o             Reading - Comprehension écrite

o             Listening - Comprehension orale

o             Writing - Production écrite

o             Speaking - Production orale

I am delighted to announce that we achieved a 100% pass rate in the examination which is an amazing result for the students and the staff involved in preparing the children. We look forward to presenting their certificates at assembly in the near future –congratulations on your success.

Our wonderfully ambitious students are :

Diego Garo,  Patricia Vazquez Villahermoza,  Stella Halldorson, Jad  Tarrouche,  Rayan Tarrouche,  Malik Kane

Felix De Pomeyrol , Altan Hacisalihoglu , Rafal Ahmed,  Ali El- Shazly , Isla Melville , Luis De la Maza , Karim Morsy , Louie Booth , Nicolas Meersseman , Hamza Shalaby , Emma De la Maza, Salma  Temanni , Kerem Hacisalihoglu , Sofia Mazari and Ceiba Rusch .