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12 February, 2020

IB Options Evening and IGCSE Information Evening

IB Options Evening and IGCSE Information Evening - ib-options-evening-and-igcse-information-evening
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Now more than ever, I’m proud of myself for pushing through the difficult parts because even though I’ve only just applied to university, I’m already seeing the benefits of having the IBDP under my belt.
Year 13 student at Madinat Khalfia
IB Options Evening and IGCSE Information Evening We are holding IB Options Evening and IGCSE Information Evenings.

We are holding an International Baccalaureate (IB) Options Evening at Madinat Khalifa on Monday, 2 March at 5.30pm and IGCSE Information Evenings at Madinat Khalifa Campus on Monday, 24 February and Themaid Campus on Tuesday, 25 February, from 5.30pm to 7.30pm on both days.

Students and their families are invited to come along and find out more about our outstanding IB Diploma Programme (IBDP)  at Madinat Khalifa and IGCSEs at Madinat Khalifa and Themaid.

Compass is your child’s pathway to the world’s best universities with IGCSEs, A-Levels and the IB Diploma all on offer.

Applications are open for the 2020/21 Academic Year. Find out how your child can succeed inside and beyond the classroom at or contact our Admissions Team to arrange a personal tour: or +974 4034 9821.

Our 2018/19 graduates achieved an average score of 32 points in the IBDP, our school’s highest ever score and 8% higher than the IBDP global average score.

Compass graduate Aisha Serpedin scored 42 points out of a possible 45 points, placing her in the top 2% of achievement worldwide.

In addition to this, Aisha challenged herself by sitting four Higher Level subjects in her IB Diploma. As a result of her success, Aisha is now studying medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine - Qatar.

As students consider their options for next year, Aisha shares her personal experience of the rewards and challenges of the IBDP at Compass:

"The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), is a two-year programme that consists of 6 subjects, three taken at higher level and three taken at standard level. The IBDP incorporates essay writing and has a higher emphasis on critical thinking. The strategies that I was disciplined with, such as starting with a research question, finding supporting articles, writing the essay, citing references, etc. when I wrote my Psychology Extended Essay, guided me in several works that I was obliged to do for medical school.

"The IBDP takes the time to teach students how to carefully formulate research papers. I joined medical school knowing the basics of essay writing in a research context but the programme also emphasised and taught me critical thinking skills, which is highly appreciated by university professors. They feel the extra effort shown in being evaluative and critical helps to establish a more profound understanding of the essay topic in question."

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"Self-study is a skill that many students learn in the first few years in university. Therefore, by undergoing the IBDP, you will be in a great position when you start university."

Lamis, a Year 13 student at Madinat Khalifa shared her current experience of the IBDP:

"As a teenager, it’s sometimes difficult to find the willpower to prioritise school work over having fun. When starting the IBDP however, it became clear to me that the programme I had chosen deserved my priority for the most of my time. After all, it was my choice, and it was a choice I don’t regret because I knew it would be beneficial to me and beneficial things don’t come easily. There were skills that I thought I had already mastered, whose definitions I didn’t truly understand until I began my IB course; skills like time-management, perseverance, responsibility, working efficiently and making the most of the resources available to me. With the IBDP, I found myself interested and engaged with the subjects which weren’t even relevant to what I wanted to study in the future because they were rooted in real life; I was constantly gaining relevant knowledge that I could apply to my everyday life.