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09 November, 2021

NAE Young Musician of the Year 2022

NAE Young Musician of the Year 2022 - nae-young-musician-of-the-year-2022
NAE Young Musician of the Year 2022 Nord Anglia Educations Young Musician of the Year in collaboration with the Juilliard School.

The Nord Anglia Education Virtual Musician of the Year 2022 competition is now open. If you would like to enter, please submit a video performance on Global Campus by the 25th January 2022. The performance is allowed to include a backing track. (NOTE: If you made a music video for ‘Compass Has Talent’, you may be able to use the same video for Musician of the Year).

There are now 17 categories (8 popular and 9 classical) and each category has 3 age groups as follows: 7-10 ages (4 min time limit), 11-14 ages (6 min time limit) and 15-19 ages (10 min time limit). You may enter more than one category: 

Popular music categories:
- Composition (e.g. songwriting)
- Band
- Brass (e.g. trumpet)
- Percussion (e.g. drums)
- Keyboard
- Strings (e.g. guitar)
- Voice - musical theatre (e.g. song from a musical)
- Voice - popular

Classical music categories:

- Brass
- Composition (e.g. music writing)
- Ensemble (e.g. a music group)
- Percussion (e.g. xylophone)
- Piano/keyboard
- Bowed strings (e.g. violin/cello)
- Plucked strings (e.g. guitar/ukulele)
- Voice (e.g. opera)
- Woodwind (e.g. flute/clarinet)

Please see all the details for entering which are available on Global Campus: