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16 December, 2021

Compass International School Doha’s Madinat Khalifa campus receives QNSA status

Compass International School Doha’s Madinat Khalifa campus receives QNSA status - compass-international-school-dohas-madinat-khalifa-campus-receives-qnsa-status
Compass International School Doha’s Madinat Khalifa campus receives QNSA status The Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE) were present on-site between the 19th – 23rd of September for their QNSA inspection.

In 2011, the State of Qatar launched the Qatar National Schools Accreditation (QNSA) for private schools in the region. The initiative was implemented to ensure that all programmes offered by private schools are up to international standards in terms of performance and quality. The accreditation system provides quality assessments on schools based on their academic, educational, and administrative performances.


Speaking on this latest achievement Executive Principal, Paul Holyome had this to say “I would like to thank the MOEHE for their support and guidance over the last number of months. I would also like to specifically mention the team members of Madinat Khalifa who have worked tirelessly to secure the QNSA status for the next three years”.


A full list of commendations can be found below:



Upon reviewing the school’s documents and files, lesson observations, meetings with the team and stakeholders during our visit from 19th September to 23rd September 2021 it has been noticed the following Strengths and areas of development according to the categories and criteria for Qatar National School Accreditation:


School Leadership


1 - Clear mission, vision and school objectives to all concerned parties and aligned with the State directives.

2 - The school’s policies are clear, comprehensive, and announced to all staff, covering all work areas and aligned with the school’s objectives and MOEHE guidelines.

3 - Availability of various means of communication between staff which contributed to quick completion of work.

4 - Overall environment is positive, cooperative, and respectful.

5 - Communication with parents is organised and with various means of communication, there are a high percentage of parents satisfied.


Learning Environment


1 - Teachers using various teaching methods in the lessons focusing on development of critical thinking and independence.

2 - Employment of various hi-tech resources and methods in the learning and teaching process.

3 - Strategies used in the lessons contributed to students’ motivation.


Learners’ Development:


1 - Increase of academic results in International Examinations (PISA 2018-TIMSS 2019) and continuous improvement in IGCSE results.

2 - Students are well behaved and respectful to other students and teachers.

3 - Clear reports on students’ academic and behavior performance which is shared with parents on a regular basis.


Resources Management:


1 - Availability of resources for maintenance and cleanliness of school facilities.

2 - All Health and Safety procedures are available and followed.