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28 June, 2022

Choosing where to live

Where to Live in Doha | Compass International School Doha - Choosing where to live
Whether you want a family-friendly apartment or a gated-community neighbourhood, Doha has many options for expat families depending on your preferences.

If you are an expat moving to Doha, accommodation will usually be recommended by your employer. This might be a high-rise apartment in the West Bay area or The Pearl, or villas available in gated communities called compounds. These neighbourhoods exist across the city; some compounds have hundreds of villas and some have just a small handful.

Depending on the size and the price, some compounds have amenities and facilities for residents, including shops, swimming pools, gym facilities, or play areas for children. Some compounds are also more sought after than others, so bear this in mind when researching.

Things to consider when selecting a property:

  • Does your employer have any recommendations? Living alongside work colleagues might not be ideal for everyone, but having colleagues in the neighbourhood will also have its benefits.  
  • Do you want to live in a large neighbourhood or a smaller community? There are compounds to suit your preferences and your monthly rental budget. 
  • How far is the compound from your place of work? How far is the nearest mall or shopping centre? And what is the journey to the nearest school? Extended travel, particularly at rush hour, can be challenging. 
  • If advice isn't provided by your employer, you might want to seek out a Doha-based agent from your home country to advise you. Seek recommendations if possible before engaging with an agent.