22 January, 2023

Gen Z's need to be creative problem solvers

Gen Z s need to be creative problem solvers - Gen Z s need to be creative problem solvers

Recent striking findings show 1 in 2 Gen Z’ers views problem-solving as important for their personal lives.


Nord Anglia Education (NAE) recently commissioned independent research that closely looks at Generation Z (Gen Z), children born between 1997-2012, and what they deem as the most important skills in life.


As Gen Z slowly begin their career and become young professionals in a world filled with uncertainty following the pandemic, research findings show that they prioritise their well-being and want to be creative problem solvers. Other skills they deemed important include confidence, resilience, and creativity.


Mr. Orrow-Whiting, NAE’s Director of Curriculum and Innovation, said, “In my view, this is one of the most important skills any young professional can have in our rapidly changing world. As one Gen Z’er said, “With all the economic uncertainty, workarounds and the ability to think on your feet could be the difference between the success and failure of a business.”


As part of Nord Anglia Education family of schools, we encourage our students to be forward-thinkers and provide solutions where they can.


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