24 August, 2023

Introducing Our Executive Principal, Elizabeth Lamb

Liz Lamb


Compass International School Doha is delighted to introduce Elizabeth Lamb as the new Executive Principal, marking a pivotal moment in our journey towards excellence. With a wealth of experience in diverse educational landscapes, Elizabeth brings a transformative vision that encompasses innovation, compassion, and a dedicated focus on nurturing each student's potential.

Elizabeth's philosophy resonates deeply with our commitment to creating an environment where students not only acquire knowledge but also develop the skills, values, and confidence to shape a better world.



I am dedicated to shaping an educational environment that not only upholds our vision and mission but also builds resilience and excellence in our students. As leaders and contributors in the education sector here in Qatar, we create innovative initiatives and technology enabled learning journeys that demonstrates our dedication to support our students to create their future and become global citizens. As a proud member of the Nord Anglia Education network, we stand on the shoulders of a global community of educators, learners, and innovators, a global network opens doors to a wealth of resources, expertise, and cross-cultural experiences that further enrich the education we provide. “Compass’ new Executive Principal, Elizabeth Lamb, said “

Under Elizabeth's guidance, Compass International School continues to focus on the ethos of nurturing well-rounded individuals. An ethos this is enriched by the school’s enduring heritage in Qatar.

We extend a warm invitation to parents to join us in this exciting chapter, witnessing first-hand how Elizabeth's leadership, coupled with our dedicated team, fosters an educational environment that cultivates curiosity, nurtures growth, and embraces diversity. Together, we are redefining leadership excellence, empowering the next generation to thrive and create their future in our ever-evolving world.