29 October, 2023

The Lifelong benefits of music and the arts

The lifelong benefits of music and arts - The lifelong benefits of music and arts

The lifelong benefits of music and arts - The lifelong benefits of music and arts

On a musical journey

I began learning the cello when I was 8 years old and it has become a lifelong companion; to hold and escape to, as a friend for life! I started playing due to the opportunity provided at my primary school where a peripatetic cello teacher visited our school once per week. Engaging in lessons, I was captivated by the beautiful and calming tone of the sound of the cello. I have formed strong bonds with my cello teachers through the years. The one-to-one lessons transformed my thinking and propelled me into a world of string and ensemble performance, music summer schools, playing in our local symphony orchestra, a masters degree, and ultimately a teaching career in music and multiple interests. Other fellow music students whom I studied music with, have been equally successful in a wide-ranging array of careers such as within the medical, engineering, and pharmaceutical industries. To learn a musical instrument is quite an extraordinary feat - it is simply a life-changing event. I have met so many parents of children throughout my teaching career who tell me of their regret that they did not learn an instrument themselves when they were young. So why is it so worthwhile to engage in music?  What does music bring to a young growing mind?  To start to learn an instrument you are set on a path of a life-long road of trials and tribulations.

The lifelong benefits of music and arts - The lifelong benefits of music and arts

Why should your child develop skills in the Arts?

In the wider scope, no matter whether it be music, sport, or learning a language it is well recognized that as we all get older our ability to learn new skills decreases. It is far easier the younger we start.  When we are very young, we build a general fun foundation for the arts; be it hearing your grandfather whistling tunes in the kitchen or from endless giggling when dancing with others at your own birthday party. As we grow and develop our understanding; we become increasingly more receptive to one-to-one tuition.  We learn the skills of acting, dance or playing our chosen musical instrument with our specialist teachers. It is an opportunity for your child’s imagination to sparkle; face-to-face physical interaction with their peers at school enables them to become more dynamic and rounded as citizens of the world.

Learning an instrument cultivates creative thinking and problem-solving skills. With determination, and resilience, through hard work and practice the learner is rewarded with the ability to play, sing, and perform in an ensemble with others no matter where they are in the world. It is a language that crosses all borders. The skills developed through learning an instrument are invaluable in so many other activities of our child’s lives be it other subjects at school, building confidence, and achieving academic excellence in all fields.

The same applies to skills developed in drama or dance which boost empathy, memory, confidence and so many other developing character-building traits which are proven stepping stones towards success and fulfillment in life. Many top executives will treasure good presentation skills and confidence within their workforce.

NAE’s global collaboration with The Juilliard School

Within Nord Anglia Education schools globally, we are fortunate to enjoy a unique partnership with The Juilliard School. Juilliard has been a world leader in performing arts education since 1905.  Based in New York, Juilliard provides a facility to schools called, the Juilliard Creative Classroom. Combined with school visits by specialists in music, dance, and drama, workshops, and professional training for performing arts teachers and staff, Juilliard provides a foundation in which students develop their creative thinking and problem-solving skills in a way that awakens an appreciation and love for the arts.