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30 April, 2024

An audacious goal - A healthy media diet

Nord Anglia Education A healthy media diet

Nord Anglia Education News Literacy


Explore how News Literacy Lab founder, Jodie Jackson, is reshaping children's relationship with the news in this enlightening blog post. With over a decade of research experience, Jackson has undertaken a mission to empower young people with the skills to navigate today's media landscape. From publishing books to delivering a TEDx talk, she's advocating for solutions-focused journalism and promoting a more balanced approach to news consumption.

Discover the impact of Jackson's News Literacy Lab [] and how it's equipping students with the tools to critically evaluate news sources and foster a sense of agency. Learn about how people engage with the news and why it's crucial to tackle the common negativity bias in media coverage.

Read the full article to explore Jackson's innovative approach and find practical tips for nurturing media literacy skills in children. Join in on the conversation about changing how we consume news and helping youth deal with the digital world. 

Visit the Nord Anglia website to access the complete blog post here.