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30 April, 2024

Metacognition - helping kids unlock the power of thinking about thinking

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Metacognition is more than just thinking about thinking—it's a tool that unlocks students potential and prepares them for the future job market. Real-world examples, such as Nord Anglia Education's collaboration with Dr. Luckin, demonstrate its impact on classrooms worldwide.

Explore practical strategies for developing metacognitive skills, supported by research from institutions like Harvard's Graduate School of Education. Hear firsthand from students like Mateo Suarez and Mateo Allen, who describe metacognition as a "superpower for the brain," and discover tips for parents to reinforce these skills at home. Join us in exploring how metacognition is shaping the future of learning. Read the full article on our website to dive deeper into this fascinating topic.

Discover the transformative power of metacognition in the latest blog by Nord Anglia Education here

Learn how being aware of your thinking process can revolutionise learning outcomes. Explore how metacognitive strategies, with insights from experts like Dr. Rose Luckin, empower learners to take control of their educational journey.