12 January, 2024

Dover Court Empowers Student Leaders: Deputy Head Student Spotlight on Shrigauri

Dover Court Empowers Student Leaders Deputy Head Student Spotlight on Shrigauri-Dover Court Empowers Student Leaders Deputy Head Student Spotlight on Shrigauri-Deputy and Head Student Candidate Speech 231004 11jpg

For Shrigauri, one of our Year 10 Deputy Head Students at Dover Court International School, the encouragement from her form tutors motivates her to take on leadership roles. She has been part of DCIS House committee, basketball captain and more.


We had a chat with her for our Student Leadership Spotlight series to understand how she has grown as a leader since joining us in Year 6.

Dover Court plays a significant role in shaping students and fostering an environment that encourages participation in leadership roles and the development of essential leadership skills. “The school has provided opportunities to contribute to the diverse community, allowing us to give back to the community,” Shrigauri says.


Passionate about creating a safe space for fellow Doverians, she actively takes direct action by becoming a voice for other students. She has been involved in various leadership opportunities, such as being on the House Committee for Jurong.


Active involvement in the Wolves teams and sports CCAs, including badminton, netball, and volleyball, has allowed Shrigauri to cultivate sportsmanship and leadership skills. Serving as the basketball captain, she successfully led and motivated the team during games, ensuring a positive atmosphere.


“I will also make sure everyone doesn’t feel bad about themselves regardless of their performance on the court,” she continues.


“I am more encouraged to take the lead now. I feel more confident in taking on leadership roles now compared to my Primary school years when I was a bit shy,” she elaborates.


Some encouragement from her then form teacher Ms Emily Johnston in Year 8 played a crucial role in persuading her to run for the House Committee.


“She shared that the leadership skills learned would be helpful for me in the future when applying for university or jobs. Mr James Bicker-Caarten, my current form tutor, also encouraged me to give Deputy Head Student a go, and here I am,” she continues.


Identifying confidence as a fundamental leadership skill, Shrigauri understands the importance of being assertive in communication to lead others effectively.


“You have to be confident in what you say and how you lead others!”


As Deputy Head Student, Shrigauri aspires to earn the trust of peers, initiating plans for the benefit of the entire school community.


“I hope to have the trust of students to initiate the plans we have. I also hope to improve the experience in school to benefit all students and staff,” she says.