Homework is an important way of helping your child to think critically about a subject in their own way, develop independence of thought and time management skills.

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Homework is an essential part of study for the IB curriculum. Our homework schedule is designed to promote personal learning and enquiry. The amount of homework that your child will be asked to complete and the types of activity depend on their age.


Primary homework schedule (age 3-11)

In the Primary School, homework is set from Infants upwards and should never exceed one hour. Homework diaries are used to remind students of their assignments and also as a means of communication between parents and teachers.


Secondary homework schedule (age 12-18)

In the Secondary School, homework levels increase as they progress through the school. The following is a guide to the amount of homework expected on average:

Grade Average homework
6-7 60-90 minutes per night across 2-3 subjects
8 10 hours per week
9-10 12-15 hours per week
11-12 18-20 hours per week


Supporting your child

At ICS we greatly value the partnership we have with parents in the education of their children. Your support for the progress of your child in school and the example you set in creating a positive relationship are vital elements in helping your child achieve their best.

You can support your child's homework by:

You can also support your child's schooling as a whole by:


On our creative, challenging, and truly global International Baccalaureate (IB) programme, your child will achieve remarkable things.

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