As an international school, languages are an important part of our learning experience. Learning languages opens up the world to your child. We also support those who are learning in English as an additional language.
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Throughout International College Spain the language of instruction is English. We offer English as an Additional Language (EAL) support for your child if needed, and offer a number of other mother tongue language lessons, specifically in the Secondary School. Learning new languages, opens up the world to our students.


Learning Spanish

Our host country offers not only its culture and traditions to us as international citizens but a language spoken globally.

We place great emphasis on learning Spanish and have expert teachers trained in the International Baccalaureate teaching styles to deliver Spanish to native and non-native students.


English as an Additional Language (EAL)

As an international school, some of our students may arrive with limited English. If this is the case for your child we will offer support through our dedicated English as a Second Language Department.

EAL support is designed to help new students participate in the mainstream curriculum from their very first day at ICS. This means they are taught English through academic lessons which have been adapted to meet their needs.

Our programme is designed to help students participate fully in all subjects along with their classmates. At ICS, ESL and mainstream subject teachers work together to meet students’ language and academic needs.


Mother Tongue Learning

We welcome students from a variety of countries speaking many different mother tongues. Our curriculum recognises the importance of a strong native language as a base for learning. We offer Secondary School students classes in more than 20 mother tongue languages including Hebrew, Arabic, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese and Portuguese amongst others. These classes are provided on a private basis and when a teacher is available.


Is your child new to English or still acquiring English for academic purposes? At ISC Madrid they'll receive they support they need to quickly adapt to learning in English and participate fully in the IB curriculum.

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