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Our caring international teachers will inspire your child to go further than they ever imagined possible, nurturing their confidence, guiding them to success, and instilling a lifetime love of learning.

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International College Spain (ICS) is home to some of the very best teachers in the world. Meticulously chosen, they bring a wealth of experience and qualifications to our classrooms. They’re also all International Baccalaureate (IB) programme specialists. This means our teachers are perfectly placed to deliver the innovative learning experiences, individual support, and personalised level of challenge your child needs to get fantastic academic results.

In small class sizes, our exceptional educators will take the time to get to know your child, as well as their passions, strengths, and hopes for the future. They’ll also nurture their happiness and wellbeing, empowering them to become a confident, lifelong learner ready to create their own future. 



Our senior leadership team works closely with our staff and families to create a caring international community where every student thrives.
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Chris Bromham
Chris is a highly experienced Principal who has taught and held senior leadership roles in Bahrain, Korea, and most recently Dubai. Chris firmly believes that a combination of inspirational classroom experiences and a strong extra-curricular programme will enable every student to fulfil their unique potential. Chris has a Master’s in Educational Leadership and is also a school assessor for the Institute of Education in the UK.
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Lola Rivera Méndez
HR Manager
Lola has held senior HR roles across a variety of industries, including luxury retail and education. She is passionate about creating a positive and inspiring environment for our brilliant team of ICS staff, as well as ensuring everyone has access to the very best support and professional development opportunities. Lola joined us in 2020 and has a Master’s in HR Management and Industrial Relations.
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Sacha Calagopi
Head of Primary
Sacha joined the ICS team as Head of Primary in 2017, having previously worked in the Philippines, India, Azerbaijan, and Vietnam. Sacha has a Master’s in International Education, MA in Psychology, and BA in Psychology, and is an experienced IB Primary Years Programme coordinator and teacher. Sacha is also a children’s book author, whose work has been published by UNICEF.
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Dr. Jennifer Ann Barnett
Assistant Head of Secondary
Jennifer has more than 20 years’ teaching and research experience, having worked in both public and private schools in the USA – including Harvard’s Project Zero – and Spain. In addition to her Assistant Head of Secondary role, Jennifer is also our Quality Assurance Coordinator and an English Language Acquisition Teacher. Jennifer has a Master’s in Spanish Literature and a Doctorate of Education. 
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Ramin Djalali Soufi
Estate Manager

Ramin joined ICS in 2005. A highly qualified administrator and accountant, he has worked for high profile companies in Iran and Spain. Before joining ICS, Ramin founded and managed his own companies of mushroom production and textile brands, gaining extensive experience in International Trade and Import Management.

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Esther Espinal
Acting Head of Secondary
Esther has a wealth of international qualifications – including a Master’s in Teaching – and has taught maths for almost 30 years. Formerly our Assistant Head of Secondary, Esther’s goal is to guide our older students to success through the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. She also continues to inspire our maths learners through her innovative approach to teaching! 
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Raquel Pariente Pastor
Business Manager
Before joining ICS in 2009, Raquel was the European Financial Director of a leading Dutch company. Raquel has also held Financial and Administrative Director positions in Spain and Portugal, and has a Master’s in Teaching. 
teacher-led technology


At ICS, our teachers embrace innovation in and outside of the curriculum, finding exciting ways to ignite our students’ imaginations. In our tech-enabled classrooms and advanced labs, for example, specialist teachers use iPads, robotics, and the latest software to deliver 21st century STEAM learning. This inspires collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking, and develops digital literacy.

Your child will connect with Nord Anglia students across the world on our Global Campus learning platform, too. They’ll collaborate on one-of-a-kind projects – including music mentorship and pen-pal schemes – and immerse themselves in specially curated content from MIT, UNICEF, and The Juilliard School.


The best teachers are always learning. And at ICS, we offer cutting-edge training opportunities so that our exceptional educators can continue to develop and grow.
  • On the award-winning Nord Anglia University platform, our teachers share ideas with colleagues across the world and work towards hundreds of courses each year – including globally recognised leadership qualifications.
  • All our teachers are certified and trained by the International Baccalaureate Organisation, ensuring they’re experts in the Diploma’s approach, methodology, and assessment.
  • Our STEAM and performing arts specialists benefit hugely from our collaborations with MIT and The Juilliard School, which provide access to innovative teaching techniques, ongoing support, and university-standard resources.
  • All our teachers have a bespoke personal development plan.


The exceptional quality of our teaching – delivered in a caring community with a unique international atmosphere – is something we’re incredibly proud of.

All our teachers have globally recognised qualifications and specialist International Baccalaureate (IB) subject and age group experience. Many are also qualified IB Diploma examinators, moderators, trainers, and inspectors. The excellence of our staff is felt in our classrooms – and seen in our students’ outstanding IB results.

Our teachers are also regularly assessed against local and national benchmarks, as well as Nord Anglia’s stringent Quality Assurance Framework. Rigorous background screening, a strong safeguarding policy, and criminal record checks ensure our students are safe at school.



International College Spain is a school unlike any other. Working here, you’ll inspire the next generation to be their very best and achieve world-leading academic results. You’ll also be welcomed into one of the most diverse and progressive international school communities in Europe, as well as the Nord Anglia Education global family.


We’d love to show you around our campus, where you’ll meet our fantastic students, teachers, and staff. Book your tour with our friendly admissions team today.

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