We offer a programme of over 50 different extra curricular activities, clubs and sports for you and your child to enjoy.
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Welcome to our Activities Programme at International College Spain where you will find an array of extra-curricular activities to suit all ages.

The importance of academic achievement for any student is essential at ICS but I believe that for a well-rounded education, fun and energetic interests are also essential. Studies show that students enrolled in activities programmes have higher academic grades, learn to manage their time, relieve stress and learn to strive for excellence. These activities can also help with applications to universities and to improve social skills and overall productivity.

From my own personal experience, I remember my mother encouraging me to attend flamenco classes when I was a child. I enjoyed the experience so much that I chose to follow my heart and take up flamenco dancing professionally. The experience I gained in dancing for world-renowned companies and professionals, touring the world and eventually establishing my own Flamenco Dance company has made me a strong advocate for the vast possibilities available for our students and parents on the programme.

I hope you enjoy the extra-curricular activities programme at ICS and look forward to another successful year.

Pilar Róspide

Activities Manager



Performing arts
The Arts
Arts are important at ICS for your child's development. Expressive arts and drama will help your child to develop self-confidence, social skills and creativity
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We offer a wide range of sports and physical education activities. This is offered as part of the curriculum and a range of extra curricular activities.
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Music is an excellent way of enhancing a child's concentration skills and co-ordination, amongst many more benefits. We offer many options to nurture their talents.
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Our clubs enhance our extra curricular activities, offering your child a range of activities to challenge their mind, body and develop strong social skills.


Every student’s International College Spain (ICS) experience is unique. Here, your child will immerse themselves in life-changing trips, exclusive global collaborations, and a myriad of creative, sporting, and academic activities.

Outstanding Experiences
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