The Student Council enriches the student's experience at ICS, and helps develop leadership and team-work skills.
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The Benefits of Student Council

In both the Primary and Secondary schools, the Student Councils aim to represent the social and academic wants and needs of the student body.

The Student Council helps to promote school spirit and unity and also has the aim of producing student leaders with the potential to embark on dynamic leadership roles.

What does Student Council do?

Elected representatives from each class and grade meet weekly and are involved in fund-raising activities, advising on school rules and regulations and the organisation of social events reinforcing teamwork, leadership and compassion.

International College Spain has students from many nationalities, creating a diverse school environment. The variety of nationalities, cultures and backgrounds contribute to this uniqueness and make the school a centre for different values, beliefs, and cultures. It is the students’ responsibility and duty to encourage and respect them.

Goals of Student Council

The goals of the ISC Madrid Student Council are to create a comfortable environment with clear communication and understanding amongst the students, and to shape an environment in which all the students understand, respect and appreciate each other’s cultural diversity.

We can be proud of our unique qualities and backgrounds without compromising our respect for and appreciation of others. Through this mission statement the Student Council intend that school will be a thriving environment of learning and understanding, both inside and outside the classroom.


Every student’s International College Spain (ICS) experience is unique. Here, your child will immerse themselves in life-changing trips, exclusive global collaborations, and a myriad of creative, sporting, and academic activities.

Outstanding Experiences
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