Nord Anglia Education
ICS Communications
24 November, 2020

ICT in the PYP


Our vision for technology is to enable and prepare students further to live, learn and work successfully in an increasingly complex, technological world. We strive for the students to gain the skills, literacy and fluency to enable them to use their skills competently, effectively and responsibly using a range of digital tools. 

Information Technology is an core part of our programme and is seen as an integral tool to support a process learning cycle. With technology, we aim to provide opportunities to enable students to develop skills identified in the PYP ICT strands: Investigating, creating, communicating, collaborating, organising whilst becoming responsible digital citizens




Students use and develop their skills and knowledge by using a wide variety of digital tools, software, online tools and learning environments. To support their thinking and learning and to help them flourish in today’s world, students need to learn how to use and utilise digital tools and environments effectively and efficiently. They need to feel confident using the tools and to be able to transfer skills and knowledge to use new technologies competently and responsibly. 

Within our transdisciplinary approach, technology is used throughout each of our units of inquiry. By this I mean that we do not solely look at ICT as a subject, but it is used in a discreet manner. Students interact with technology to create, or collaborate, without being told to ‘develop that skill’.

Parents can further help this approach at home by emphasising how technology helps when making a cake or when communicating with families abroad. When technology is being used, you might want to remind your children of the positive things they could do, developing skills, and not. Just to play games! As always if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact.