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24 May, 2021

Renaissance Recreations

The Duke and Duchess of Urbino
Renaissance Recreations After researching famous Renaissance artworks, our students made their own representations of paintings and sculptures from this period!

The latest Grade 7 Individuals and Societies task proved that we have plenty of Renaissance men and women in our midst!

Young Man with an Apple

After researching famous pieces of art and analyzing their characteristics, students got creative by making their own representations of paintings and sculptures from this period. Along the way, they travelled virtually to check out famous Italian masterpieces and museums. Can you tell which artworks they have recreated?

IMG_1588_2 Rafael Sanzio Young Woman with Unicorn The Sistine Madonna da Vinci Mona Lisa Lady with an Ermine Portrait of a young man in red

From the Mona Lisa to The Birth of Venus, our students did a marvellous job recreating these famous pieces!