Clara Benacerraf
Clara Benacerraf
09 August, 2023

Happy to be back at School!

The summer holidays are over, and everyone is getting ready to re-introduce structure and routine to their daily life. For children, back to school always means new challenges and a lot of work. If you want this transition to be smooth, here are my top tips on how you can support your child during the first days of school. 


Children with goals are more motivated 

Goal setting plays a crucial role in your child’s learning journey. It gives a sense of purpose, direction, and confidence in children and encourages them to maintain focus on attaining their goals. It is a great idea to help your child setting a new goal for the school year that will stay under their control.


The importance of breakfast for the child 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. After a 12-hour fast, your child needs a supply of basic nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids to successfully tackle the intellectual marathon that awaits them at school. A child who does not eat breakfast is less focused and loses energy in the middle of the school day. 


Establish a sleeping routine 

Children expect their parents to guide them towards healthy habits. A sleeping routine helps the body know when it's time to sleep and when to wake up. It helps prevent fatigue, exhaustion, and sleepiness during the day. 


Open days are important 

ICS organizes Open Days, Family Days, and other attractive events throughout the year. Open Days are an opportunity for you to see the school, its facilities, its teachers, its students, its atmosphere. Parents and children get insights about our school culture, the learning model and how students engage with each other during their daily interactions. Don’t miss our school events! 


Talk about school with your child 

During the first few weeks, talk to your child about school. This shows your child that you value school and education, which encourages them to value it too. Talking together about school also helps you get to know more about what’s expected of your child at school, how they learn and how they handle challenges. Every day will be different. Even if your child usually likes to share their day with you, there will be days when they don’t want to talk, and that’s OK. 

Arrange social times with other children  

Parents have an important role to play in fostering friendships and connections. Friendships give your child a sense of belonging, builds self-esteem, and helps them develop social skills.  Support your child’s friendships by getting to know their friends and by organising playdates.


Reassure your child 

The end of the holidays gives way to the start of the school year, and for some children this can be a time of fear and anxiety. Let them know that you understand their feelings of uncertainty, and that you had them too when you were their age. One way to help ease back-to-school anxiety and stress is to remind your child about what makes going to school great.  

Have a fantastic and meaningful start to the school year!