Our school cafeteria offers healthy and balanced meals for your child. Learn more about how we support your child's nutrition and see sample school lunch menu options at ICS.
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Many studies have shown the importance of good nutritional values and the need to ensure the correct mix of vitamins and minerals and intake of calories in a child's diet. Our school cafeteria plays an important role in ensuring that your child maintains a healthy diet.

Our school cafeteria cooks fresh foods every day to give your child the nutrition needed for a healthy lifestyle and an attentive mind. Everyone can opt for the school lunch menu each term or bring a packed lunch from home.

We devise a well-balanced school lunch menu to ensure that all the essential foods are included in your child's diet. With the help of a qualified nutritionist we devise balanced, healthy and international menus suitable for everyone.

Curious to see how school lunches are made at International College Spain? From food delivery to preparation, check out the excellent quality and service provided by Head Chef Marinela Ghetea and her team in this behind-the-scenes video!



ICS School Lunch

If you are interested in your child having the ICS cafeteria lunch please send an email to

In addition, take a look at our monthly menus and dinner suggestions, or fill in our request form if you would like to request this service for your child.

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Request for School Lunch Form 2022-23

81368-ics-request-for-school-lunch-2022-2023.pdf (150 KB)

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Secondary School Menu - May 2023

Secondary School Menu May 2023.pdf (254 KB)

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Primary School Menu - May 2023

Primary School Menu May 2023.pdf (221 KB)

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Dinner Suggestions - May 2023

Dinner Suggestions - May 2023.pdf (303 KB)



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