The Metropolitan School of Panama is proud to announce that its students are making a difference in their community and have received funding from Nord Anglia Education's Community Investment Fund to support their student-led social impact project, "La Primavera Community Project." This new round of funding empowers MET students to contribute meaningfully to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Recently, students from Nord Anglia Education had an extraordinary opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of innovation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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“The MET shapes independent learners and ethical citizens who can navigate cultures across the globe. Our rigorous IB education immerses them in real-life, hands-on projects, where they learn to act responsibly in making a world that’s healthier, more sustainable, more just, and more harmonious.”

Dr. Mark Starbuck
Head of School, Metropolitan School of Panama
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The MET offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) Continuum in English from Early Childhood through High School, giving all our students a consistent pathway through the best instruction and learning experiences, under the world's most respected curriculum. MET teachers are highly experienced in delivering the IB and, most importantly, are here to encourage your child’s talents and love for learning. 

Our students achieve outstanding IB Diploma results, leading them to the world's best universities across Europe, the US, Japan, New Zealand, and Canada, often with incredible scholarships. In 2022, for example, our graduates were awarded an exceptional $2.7 million in scholarships — highlighting the value of the MET’s education.
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We’re passionate about stimulating the intellect, imagination, and values of your child at the MET, so they’ll grow into a responsible leader ready to make a difference.
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Outstanding Learning Experiences
Whether it’s during a STEAM project, on the sports field, in an art exhibition, or through the actions of a service initiative, our students are expanding their horizons and deepening their understanding across a variety of subjects in parallel with their growth in life.
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Outstanding Learning Experiences
Our students explore areas of connection across the IB Continuum and create original projects that allow them to truly interact with the knowledge they’ve gained. They apply what they’ve learned to the world around us and witness its impact. 

There are no limits to what your child can make or do! Our teachers will encourage your child to build models, deliver presentations, or design something original with the newest technology. Your child’s teacher will evaluate their academic progress while also helping to build their fulfillment in each project or activity. 

Our world-class collaborations with The Juilliard School, MIT, and UNICEF especially boost our students’ interests and passions with a sense of purpose, as they learn from globally leading experts. Our Juilliard curriculum, for example, gives all our students the innovative tools to think creatively, explore the unexpected, and celebrate diverse cultures. Likewise, our students learn how to design unique solutions to problems during MIT challenges and connect their actions with sustainability and social impact from our UNICEF collaboration.
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The World's Best Teachers
Our talented, internationally experienced teachers shape our learning environment of care at the MET, where they encourage your child to pursue all that they’re interested in.
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The World's Best Teachers
MET teachers strive to nurture each child’s highest potential to give them the best chance at excellent academic outcomes alongside building their general happiness and well-being in life. They invest in making your child’s aspirations a reality. 

Each MET teacher builds a good relationship with your child, knowing how to tailor lessons and activities to their interests, needs, and goals. They’ll give your child the right amount of challenge or support needed and will guide them to learn more about the world with opportunities to explore both local traditions and international cultures.

Our teachers love their jobs, and just like our students, they never stop learning. They’re highly trained and qualified in the IB curriculum and regularly attend workshops to share knowledge and best practices. This allows our students to benefit from teachers who thoroughly know the IB’s teaching methodology and assessment. They also use world-class resources and trainings from Nord Anglia University to enhance instruction and stay updated at the forefront of education.
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Academic Excellence
As the first international school in Panama to offer the IB Continuum in English, we’re proud to deliver individualized instruction, working step by step with your child for a future at a top university in the world.
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Academic Excellence
We were the first school in Panama and Central America to offer the full International Baccalaureate (IB) Continuum in English from Early Childhood through High School, so our students are prepared at the highest standards in the world, at every stage of their education. Eventually, our students graduate with the IB Diploma, the gold standard in international education.

Our experienced teachers skillfully tailor our academics to each student’s individual needs and goals through differentiated instruction within the IB curriculum. Using a Personal Learning Plan (PLP), they’ll document your child’s progress and record data, offering carefully tailored feedback and next steps for your child’s goals and interests. This enables us to map out the personal and academic growth of your child with the support and challenge that’s appropriate to the IB targets for their level and abilities.  

In addition to homeroom teachers, our qualified specialist teachers in the arts, STEAM subjects, and counselling for social and emotional well-being all work together to support our students’ performances, from the young age of three. Our specialist teachers give your child further opportunities to step out of their comfort zone, develop new skills, and discover their passions.
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Our Social Purpose
MET students can connect with different communities to contribute their skills, knowledge, and energy for the benefit and well-being of others. In the process, they expand their worldview and discover how they can make a difference.
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Our Social Purpose
There are many ways our students enrich their social consciousness, as they contribute their efforts to the improvement of others’ lives. Built into the culture of our school as a whole, we help our sister schools in Panama, tasking our students with real-life challenges where they must collaborate to advocate for others. For example, we recently collaborated to connect our school’s water well to our neighboring school, supplying them with running water. Opportunities like this allow our students to reflect, build their characters, and take a lead.

As part of the IB’s CAS (Creativity, Activity, and Service) component, MET students take on personal service challenges, plan and report on their actions, and reflect on the outcomes. Some of our students’ favorite initiatives include the Make-A-Wish club, Operation Smile, and CanCure, as well as environmental service and awareness campaigns like beach clean-ups or conferences on sustainability. MET MUN, our Model United Nations club, particularly works together to represent our school in addressing big social issues. They propose solutions to the world’s challenges both locally and globally, while also practicing their skills across research, public speaking, teamwork, negotiation, and writing.
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The Nord Anglia Education Family
Everyone belongs in our community. Students, parents, alumni, teachers, and staff all come together to support each other. As part of the Nord Anglia family, we especially celebrate our diversity, representing cultures and nations across the world.
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The Nord Anglia Education Family
The MET and Nord Anglia family embrace an open culture of inclusion and belonging, as we celebrate our diversity. International Day, for example, is a highlight of the academic year, when our families come together to share their cultures through fun activities. Our House system, where everyone belongs to one of four houses, is also a way we regularly come together to embrace school spirit and forge strong bonds across the community. 

We’re delighted to hear from our alumni the impact our supportive community has had on their success in the world, and we encourage our current students to look to them as role models. All alumni agree that the MET gives the tools and confidence to aim high, reach goals, and arrive well-prepared with the critical thinking and soft skills needed in today's changing world. Our alumni have studied at one of their top three university choices, and many have careers at leading multinational companies or organizations in the world or work as entrepreneurs, creating their own businesses. 

As part of the Nord Anglia family, MET students also have an immediate network of alumni all over the world, who they can connect with to support their future endeavors.
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An Advanced Learning Environment
Our state-of-the-art Green Valley campus in Panama City has a purpose-built design with seamlessly integrated technology. This state-of-the-art environment gives our students excellent preparation for the future.
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An Advanced Learning Environment
At the MET, learning flows from space to space, teacher to student, peer to peer, one idea to the next. Our school’s design creates this natural flow because it was guided by some of the world’s best architecture firms, providing your child with everything they need for growth and success in their education. 

We’re proud to have the first 5G wireless campus in Panama. Our students can easily connect to information, each other, and digital tools. Every student has an Apple device — an iPad for those in Early Childhood through Grade 4 and a MacBook for those in Grades 5 through 12 — to allow for interactive learning, the use of technical skills, and first-rate research. Our facilities also include a specialty lab for design and STEAM activities as well as a media center, equipped with iMacs and 3D printers for multiple activities.

To nurture your child’s creativity, we have incredible arts facilities, spanning well-equipped dance, music, and drama rooms. Our campus additionally has first-rate athletic facilities for fitness and wellness, including three indoor sports halls, a six-lane swimming pool, FIFA-regulation soccer field, gym with a basketball/volleyball court, and two all-weather pitches.



We offer a personalized admissions process and are here to help you at every stage. 
  • Contact us today to start your child's journey at the MET.
  • Visit our school in person or online to discover our opportunities.
  • Submit an online application and the required documents.


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Each year, MET students consistently deliver outstanding results. Because of our well-rounded approach to education and our students’ growth beyond the classroom, they go on to achieve world-class IB Diploma results that open pathways to the top colleges and universities, globally.

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