After-school activities are an important part of student life at the Metropolitan School of Panama. We offer our students a variety to choose from to ignite their creativity, discover new passions, and make connections with peers and teachers.
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In our Extra-Curricular Program we offer a range of activities that are grouped into four broad categories: physical activities, the arts, technology/multimedia, and academics. This ensures that we cater to all types of learners as well as the different preferences of our students.

Students are also able to participate in year-long clubs that allow an in-depth exploration of an interest area while making a positive contribution to our school community.

Our Secondary School offers an electives program on Wednesday afternoons that empower students to develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills. Students are encouraged to create, develop and lead clubs based on their activities of preference, and to try new activities out of their daily schedule and comfort zone.

A sample of our Extra Curricular Activities
Singing lessons & vocal training
Robotics / STEAM

A sample of our Year-Long Clubs
Destination Imagination
Model United Nations
Operation Smile
Student Council
Student Leadership Team









Reasons to Participate in ECAs


  1.  Perform better academically.
  2.  Are taught the importance of a balanced lifestyle.
  3.  Develop a stronger sense of belonging in school.
  4.  Learn about time management and prioritizing.
  5.  Develop their individual talents.
  6.  Learn to make long-term commitments.
  7.  Are making a contribution to their community.
  8.  Raise their self-esteem and confidence.
  9.  Receive good preparation for a balanced university lifestyle.
  10.  Build positive relationships with peers in school, across age groups.



Registration to our ECAs occurs each trimester, although some activities may require a year-long commitment. Students may sign-up for activities via an electronic registration form sent to parents via email at the beginning of each trimester.

It's important that prior to making a selection, you discuss the available options with your child to decide which activities they'll be most interested in participating in, keeping in mind that these are activities for the entire trimester.



If you have any questions regarding the aforementioned activities or the registration process, contact our Student Activities Department at studentactivities@themetropolitanschool.com.