The integration of cutting-edge technology within an innovative curriculum allows MET students access to unlimited research and interactive educational content, turning classrooms into centers of student-directed inquiry. Our students are equipped with technologies that allow them to pursue their curiosity, explore ideas, and share them globally, taking charge of their own learning.
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Our integrated technology program provides students access to unlimited research material as well as dynamic and interactive educational content. Mixed with a 1-to-1 technology device deployment program, our tech offering empowers students to take charge of their own learning, turning our classrooms into centers of student-directed inquiry.


Interactive Digital Boards

Each classroom is equipped with the latest technological offerings for education, such as interactive SMARTboards in every classroom. These digital boards enhance the teaching and learning experience in the classroom by expanding the nature of content, introducing different media and digital educational resources to lesson plans, and providing interactivity through which students can demonstrate their mastery of the learning content.


1:1 Technology Program

The MET has deployed Apple technology throughout the school. Using different devices for a range of tasks enables our students to develop their digital literacy, while fully engaging with their learning across the subject disciplines. 

Our Early Childhood students have shared iPad tablets and iMac desktops in their classroom that they can use individually or collaboratively. Students in Kindergarten through 4th grade have a 1-to-1 technology program, where students have access to individual iPad tablets containing educational applications that are chosen to extend the material learned in class. Students in 5th through 12th grade receive a Macbook laptop each.

The implementation of cutting-edge educational technology within a structured curriculum equips our students with 21st century tools that allow them to pursue their curiosity, explore ideas, share them globally, and garner the skills for a lifetime of learning.


Media Center and Makerspace

Our students have access to a comprehensive Media Center — a digital collaborative space, where students can connect to each other and the world beyond. In our media center, students will find a wide arrange of tools and materials to work on their projects. We have a fully equipped computer laboratory with iMac desktops with Adobe Design Suite and 3D modelling programs, alongside two 3D printers that students can access, so they can explore digital and graphic design concepts and put them into practice.


Recording Studios

To further expand our students' literacy in technological devices and its real-life applications, we have designed and created a Recording Studio. Students have the opportunity to learn every step in producing a news show, including filming, controlling light, using teleprompters, microphones and sound systems, utilizing audio and video controllers, and editing the final product. Currently, this studio is used to produce our MET Morning News — a daily morning show produced by MET students and watched every morning during Homeroom.