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No holds barred
STEAM learning empowers students to become creative by exposing them to situations without parameters, challenging them to both identify problems and invent solutions.
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How to establish good study habits for life
Ethan Hildreth, Superintendent at the Nord Anglia American International School in Abu Dhabi, says building good study habits at the beginning of the school year can help students achieve in and outside of the classroom, as well as pave the way for success in other areas of their life.
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Regional Conference
It has been another exciting week with Book Week taking place across the entire school and the Under 13 BSME Games being held at Aspire Park this weekend. I am typing this week’s article from Prague where I have been a part of the Nord Anglia Regional Conference where the theme has been Full Steam Ahead. This weekend has been one of those special times in my career where I have been even more inspired about education and our future at NAISAK.
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Answering ‘How’ at NAISAK
Dear Parents and Students Last week, I talked about our purpose as a school and how we are passionate about equipping our students for success in the twenty-first century by bringing the best of the world to Al Khor
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WHY DOES STEAM EDUCATION MATTER? With continuing advances in the technological areas, we need to be able to keep up with the rest of the world and be competitive in these fields!  As an educator, I have watched the growth and changes in these fields with excitement.
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Happy Qatar National Day
Nord Anglia International School Al Khor team up with The Girls Centre Al Khor for the best Qatar National Day celebrations to date. Huge thank you to them and all the parents who contributed and joined us.
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International Fair
On Sunday 10 December, NAISAK celebrated International Day. From early morning, there was a tangible buzz throughout the campus as national groups prepared to show their country at its best. There is certainly a competitive spirit amongst us! Our courtyard was awash with various stalls, there were 21 in total, each representing one country. The area was wonderfully ablaze with national colours, symbols, cuisines and traditions.
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Post-18 Guidance
While our Year 11s were preparing themselves to face their first Mock IGCSE week this past week, the Secondary team has been working on developing guidance on post-18 paths and establishing links with a variety of institutions, in country and abroad.
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Goldilocks and the Three Bears Visit NAISAK
Goldilocks and the Three Bears Visit NAISAK Foundation and Year 1 children had a visit from a theatre group on Tuesday who presented the story of Goldilocks and The 3 Bears.
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Vision launch, International Day and Qatar National Day
Dear Parents and Students I am pleased to report that after meeting with students, parents and further consulting with our staff, we are now in the final stage of finalising our guiding statements.
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Qatar National Anthem Rehearsals
Our students are busy practicing the Qatar National Anthem ready for Qatar National Day.
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