Ages 16 to 18

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (DP)

At NAIS Dublin, we’re proud to be the first and only IB continuum school in Ireland. Through our broad range of subject choices, targeted support and personalised guidance, our students develop the motivation they need to achieve their very best academically.

The Diploma Programme

NAIS Dublin offers a wide range of subjects in each IB Diploma Subject group catering to our students’ university and life ambitions. The IB Diploma Programme is a challenging and rewarding programme that provides a structure in which your child will develop individual research skills and play an active role in advancing their own learning. Students go beyond the collection of facts – they learn how to ask the tough questions and explore the meaning of learning itself. 

The DP is world-renowned as an excellent preparation for students for the next stage of their academic career. The programme outline is uniform throughout IB schools worldwide and provides a diploma to meet university admission standards internationally. 

The IB Diploma

Students must study six subject groups: Language and Literature, Language Acquisition, Individuals and Societies, Sciences, Mathematics, and the Arts. Three subjects must be taken at higher level and three at standard level. Students must also complete all parts of the Core – Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay and Creativity, Activity and Service – to achieve their full Diploma.

Students will need to get at least 24 points to pass the IB Diploma, including a minimum of 12 in their higher-level subjects and nine in their standard-level subjects. Three points can be attained through completion of the core.

The Core Programme:

Theory of Knowledge (TOK): A course on critical thinking and understanding how we learn and building knowledge. 

The Extended Essay: An in-depth independent research project relating to one specific subject.

Creativity, Action and Service: The CAS programme encompasses a range of activities that go alongside academic studies to develop students’ creative skills, their health and wellbeing, and a commitment to the communities in which they live.

Why choose the IB Diploma for your child?

A proven pathway to success
Universities around the globe hold the IB Diploma in high esteem, with IB students accepted year on year into some of the highest-ranking colleges and universities in the world. As the IB Diploma is an international qualification, it’s particularly useful for students who plan to study or work abroad.
For those wishing to attend university in the UK, NAIS Dublin is registered with UCAS. It provides scope for academic achievement and worthwhile creative and sporting activity, as well as community service.

Promoting independent learning
The DP encourages students to become internationally minded and drive their own self-directed learning. It focuses on social and emotional development, shaping global citizens with universal values.

Encouraging global awareness
Through various elements of the DP, such as mastering a foreign language and learning about other cultures and political systems, students become culturally aware, organically developing their understanding of the world around them.


At NAIS Dublin we offer a truly global experience, with outstanding teachers and exceptional educational opportunities. We give your child the unbeatable education and experiences they need to create a successful future.

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