At Nord Anglia International School Dublin (NAIS Dublin), our parents are our partners. Mums and dads are the beating heart of our vibrant international community. If you’d like to join our parent community and for your child to join our thriving school, here’s some handy information and resources.


Keep up to date with the academic year at NAIS Dublin with these key dates for your calendar.
School Calendar


There’s a whole world of learning at students’ fingertips when they join NAIS Dublin. Nurturing their hobbies and pastimes is an integral part of our curriculum and the vast array of co-curricular activities on offer means all our students can find exciting clubs and experiences tailored to their interests.
Digital design and programming
Through such activities as animation, coding, robotics and retro-game making, students harness their natural curiosity and channel their imagination into developing the skills they’ll need to flourish in a technological future.
Athletics and team sports
Sport is one of the key components of our co-curricular offering. We collaborate with highly experienced external coaches, who supplement our teaching staff in sports like football basketball, tennis, gymnastics and taekwondo. For the enthusiasts and rising stars, there are countless opportunities to compete and excel.
Academics and languages
Through co-curricular activities such as Model UN, Junior Einsteins, Green Schools and Mother Tongue Language Support, we encourage our students to develop their understanding of global issues, improve their public speaking skills and explore their academic interests more deeply.
Our music programmes and private lessons inspire students to engage with music in powerful ways, instilling in them a love of the art form which will last a lifetime.  Enriched by our collaboration with The Juilliard School our music programme covers a rich variety of genres, styles and cultural influences.


At NAIS Dublin, we strive to ensure students have everything they need to thrive from day one.
Our modern school uniform gives students a sense of belonging. We expect our students to wear it for all school activities, including those off campus.
School transport
It's not always easy for parents to drop their children off and pick them up. Our morning and afternoon bus services, available for children from three years of age, will make your life that little bit easier. Each bus has a Bus Monitor who supervises students and ensures they’re collected and dropped off at their designated stops.
The Lunchbox
Students enjoy a variety of fresh, nutritious meals in our school Lunchbox, both hot and cold. Our excellent catering service is provided by Cliff Catering. 
Our Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is hugely active in our community. They organise family events, charity fundraisers and coffee mornings, and closely collaborate with the school’s Senior Leadership Team to play a part in shaping students’ learning experiences. NAIS Dublin simply wouldn’t be the same without our super parents!
Parent-school relationship
When you join NAIS Dublin, you join a thriving international community – and our parents are integral to making it a warm and welcoming place. Parents can get involved at NAIS Dublin in all sorts of ways – in our PTA, but also in workshops and social gatherings which build a strong network of families. We even have our very own Parents’ Cafe.
NAIS Dublin House System
Our house system
Our house system celebrates all things Ireland. It helps foster community spirit, provides opportunities for students to connect with others in different year groups and allows them to support each other both socially and academically. Through the house system we cultivate achievement by celebrating success.


NAIS Dublin uses several market-leading education apps to connect students, teachers and parents seamlessly. Through Toddle, ManageBac, SchoolsBuddy, and our very own school app, students can show their learning, teachers can gain insights to further personalise their education and parents get a window into the classroom, building a bridge between home and school.


  • Do you offer after school care?
    Yes! After school care is available from 3.30pm to 6.00pm for Early Years and Primary students. Please note that there is a charge for this service. 

  • As a parent, how can I get involved in the school community?
    Our Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is elected every school year and serves as a link between our parents and the school. The PTA is instrumental in welcoming new families and helping them settle into life in Dublin and at our school. 
  • Are school lunches included in tuition fees?
    School lunches are included in tuition fees for Early Years students in KG3 and KG4. Other students are welcome to purchase freshly prepared lunches in our Lunchbox with a prepaid catering card.  
  • Do you have a school bus service?
    Our daily bus service is available for children from three years of age, and will make your life that little bit easier. We offer three routes, which run once in the morning and twice after school (3.30pm and 4.30pm). Each bus has a Bus Monitor who supervises students and ensures they’re collected and dropped off at their designated bus stops. 
  • Do you provide English Language Support (ELS)?
    One of NAIS Dublin’s key strengths is our ability to integrate students whose mother tongue is not English. We ensure they receive the required attention to become fluent. Primary students can choose to use the time allocated for language acquisition to take ELS. This enables them to develop their language ability quickly and feel comfortable studying in English. 
  • Do you offer co-curricular activities?

    Yes, a wide variety! We encourage all students to play an active part in our programme, which runs every week: 

    KG3–Grade 1: Monday–Thursday, 2.30–3.30pm

    Grade 2–11: Monday–Thursday, 3.30–4.30pm

  • What is the school uniform?

    Our uniform gives every student a sense of belonging and we expect it to be worn for all school activities, including those off campus


  • Where can I find the school calendar?

    Check out the key dates in the 2021–22 school year. Don’t miss out on our big events!



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We welcome students to join our school anytime during the academic year. We look forward to welcoming you.

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