Outstanding Experiences

A world of adventure awaits!


At NAIS Dublin, learning doesn’t stop at the classroom door. Students get to experience local and regional offsite trips and expeditions, which bring their education to life through real-world application. No matter what their interests, every student can develop the confidence, resilience, creativity and learning skills that are critical for their future success.


We nurture students’ curiosity with truly transformative experiences, including activities through our collaborations with world-leading organisations like UNICEF, MIT and Juilliard.

The Juilliard School
Our collaboration with the world’s most renowned arts institution enriches our students’ love of dance, drama and music.
The MIT-Nord Anglia STEAM programme helps our students to develop their creativity and problem-solving skills by tackling interdisciplinary challenges facing the world today.
Students are challenged to make a difference locally and globally by tackling the Sustainable Development Goals.


NAIS Dublin offers a rich variety of fun clubs and activities, enabling our students to cultivate their interests and discover new passions. 
Athletics and team sports
We know that students need exercise and healthy competition to grow resilience and improve their learning mindsets. Which is why at NAIS Dublin we offer our students a great range of competitive sports and physical activities.
Athletics and team sports
Physical activity is an important part of every student’s personal development. As well as keeping students fit and healthy, team and individual sports give them outstanding opportunities to grow their confidence, and develop skills and the ability to work together.

Sport is one of the key components of NAIS Dublin’s co-curricular provision. We provide a broad programme to ensure every student finds an activity they enjoy, while maintaining an exceptional standard of coaching and competition for the most able athletes. We collaborate with highly qualified external coaches, who bring their expertise to teaching sports and activities including football, basketball, tennis, gymnastics and taekwondo. Students can even participate in sports on a daily basis if they wish, and for sports enthusiasts there’s a myriad of outstanding opportunities in which to compete and excel.
Performing arts
By channelling students’ creativity, we unlock their imagination in ways that transform their education.  Try something new, discover a hidden talent and be inspired by a world of creativity.
Performing arts

We love the performing arts at NAIS Dublin! We strongly believe they play a crucial role in enabling students to become intelligent, confident, well-rounded global citizens, with a deep appreciation for culture. Through our dance and drama co-curricular offerings, our students – at all levels - will develop a passion that will remain for life. Our performing arts co-curricular offerings allow for students to participate in school productions and learn the skills and techniques to create and perform. 


Engaging with a broad range of genres and styles, our individual music lessons instill a curiosity and passion for the art that will last a lifetime.


We are proud to offer a rich variety of bespoke instrumental lessons –piano, cello, guitar, drums – just to name a few! Lessons are offered to students from their start in Early Years and are delivered by specialist teachers from around Dublin.

Academics and languages

Our students strengthen their linguistic abilities, broaden their knowledge and build up their academic competencies through our diverse range of language and academic support clubs. 

Academics and languages
NAIS Dublin offers a huge number of co-curricular activities, including Model UN, Green Schools, Junior Einsteins and Mother Tongue Language Support. Every club and activity encourages students to enhance their understanding of global issues, explore their academic interests and improve their public speaking skills.
Digital design and programming

Expanding students' creativity and problem-solving abilities our technology co-curricular activities combine fun and learning and are always popular.

Digital design and programming
Through co-curricular activities as diverse as retro-game making, coding, animation and robotics, students have the chance to fully harness their curiosity and imagination through the development of future-oriented skills.
outdoor education



Check out the many one-of-a-kind trips and expeditions we offer, where every student can form lifelong friendships and enjoy unforgettable experiences.
Global Expeditions
Students have a world of adventure before them, with access to Nord Anglia’s global expeditions programme.  Based at dedicated centres in Tanzania and Switzerland, our students gain independence and an understanding of the world around them as they explore the mountains, or invest in social development projects. 

1. On the Citizenship Expedition in Arusha, Tanzania, students cultivate a sense of global citizenship through service work with the local community, help to build a local village school and learn about sustainable development and the environment.

2. The Personal Challenge Expedition in Les Martinets, Switzerland, challenges students to see beyond their limits – then push themselves to achieve their goals. In the awe-inspiring Swiss Alps, students persevere through challenging hikes while working in teams on cooking and navigation tasks.

Performing Arts

Imagine a summer learning and performing with a team from the Juilliard Artist Faculty.  Through the Juilliard-Nord Anglia Performing Arts Programme, our students can participate in the institution’s Summer Performing Arts Programme. 

Performing Arts

The programme welcomes students from around the world, who come together in a vibrant community of young and inspired artists.

Festivals and STEAM Challenges

Bringing together more than 25,000 students from around the world each year,  the Nord Anglia range of festivals and challenges is an exciting palette of discovery for our students.  NAIS Dublin students can choose to participate in sports competitions, music festivals, STEAM challenges and Model UN events with their peers from around the world.  

Festivals and STEAM Challenges

Our collaboration with MIT centres around design thinking, inspires curiosity and creativity by way of onsite challenges – not to mention an annual visit to MIT itself, where students are taken under the wing of university experts.

Students also participate in an annual festival in collaboration with The Juilliard School. Immersed in performing arts, creativity, reflection, and teamwork, dancers, actors, and musicians discover new artistic possibilities and make new friends through engaging workshops, masterclasses, social activities, and professional performances.

Local Trips and Excursions

Bringing learning to life through excursions to places of historical and cultural importance enhances students understanding of the world around them. Our programme includes visits to the Airfield Estate and EPIC Museum, and educational visits by curriculum specialists.

Local Trips and Excursions
Our students enjoy overnight trips around Ireland, such as to Carlingford, as well as week-long adventures to nurture their outdoorsy side and immerse them in the concept of environmental stewardship.


Fostering strength and purpose in our students is at the very heart of our curriculum because we know that confident and motivated students don’t just perform better – they’re happier and more resilient, too.

At NAIS Dublin, wellbeing means doing good and feeling good. We give our entire community a sense of wellbeing – even our parents and staff! Take our Parent Academy for example, through which mums, dads and teachers alike can access helpful tips and resources on how to promote student wellbeing in the home and at school.

We also teach learnt wellbeing by embedding in our curriculum the six pillars of sustained wellbeing. We link this approach with resilience-building, empowering students with an understanding of wellbeing that is unique to NAIS Dublin, focusing on how students can live their best life possible.

Social Purpose


At NAIS Dublin, we believe that students with a global mindset have competitive advantages in an ever more interconnected world. That’s why we seek to inspire creative, confident citizens with a thirst for knowledge and a vision to effect real and positive change in society.

Through CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service), a mandatory core subject of the IB Diploma Programme, our students collaborate and engage with the community. This includes fundraising initiatives and community service, teaching them to respond genuinely to authentic need and helping them develop real-world skills.

Our students have the drive to make their mark on the world and we work hard to empower them to do so. Our global partnership with UNICEF opens their eyes to the world around them and encourages them to develop a genuine sense of purpose. Every year, our students support hundreds of local causes through activities with UNICEF and work toward the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.



Our campus is a thoroughly enriching learning environment, complete with gorgeous surroundings in which students can grow, mature and set their sights on realising their dreams and aspirations.

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