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February 13, 2024

Lower School Entry Points

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Lower School Entry Points
Brainwave, Circus, and Travel & Tourism!

In our Lower School curriculum, students explore geography, history, and social studies through themed units called "blocks." These engaging blocks are planned throughout the year to enhance their skills in every core subject. Students not only reinforce their foundational English, phonics, and math abilities but also apply these skills in various contexts to deepen their understanding.


NAISNY's unique approach encourages students to explore subjects more comprehensively. They develop their observation, questioning, interpretation, and communication skills while gaining knowledge in specific topics. By participating in practical tasks, discussions, and research, students have the opportunity to share and discuss their learnings in diverse ways. This approach allows them to select their own creative pathways towards achieving the learning objectives.


Our head of Lower School Mr. Matt Payne sums it up like this; 'Starting a new IPC Topic isn't just about diving in; it's about igniting the spark of curiosity. A well-designed Entry Point bridges the gap between what children already know and what they're about to discover. Engaging activities across different subjects pique their interest and make connections to their world. This blend of experiences forms a rich tapestry that lays the groundwork for in-depth investigation, turning the focus of education from mere facts to moments, transforming learning from "what" to "wow!"'


Year 1 (Kindergarten) students were introduced to their new topic, Brainwave. They were introduced to the characteristics of learning and did so through a range of creative activities, such as construction work, pattern work, and planting seeds.

Lower School Entry Points-Lower School Entry Points


Roll up, roll up! The circus came to town – well, to Year 2 (1st Grade) at least! Throughout the day, Year 2 explored the different roles in the Big Top, including clowns and sword swallowers. During PE, they were introduced to different circus equipment and even turned pictures of themselves into clowns.

Lower School Entry Points-Lower School Entry Points 


Look out for postcards! Years 3 and 4 (2nd and 3rd Grades) were tourists in their new topic, Travel and Tourism. The children came to school ready for vacation, but it wasn’t as relaxing as lying on the beach! We learned about travel through a variety of games… Who knew so many things could go wrong when packing a suitcase or trying to board a plane?

 Lower School Entry Points-Lower School Entry Points


It’s always so wonderful to feel the energy of engaged and enthusiastic learning across the floor. With their fantastic entry points, the children had a brilliant start to their learning, and we know their  fascination for new knowledge will continue with each class right up until the end of their topics.