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May 15, 2024

Math is All Around Us

Math is all around us - Math is all around us
Math is All Around Us
In our everyday lives, math is an invisible thread that weaves through each moment, interconnecting our activities in ways we might not always recognize.

Ms. Burton, our dedicated middle school math teacher, shares her insights into how mathematics is not just a subject we learn in school but a fundamental aspect that shapes our daily routines.


From the moment we are woken up by our phone alarms, synchronized to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and adjusted across different time zones to account for daylight saving, we are immersed in a world governed by mathematical principles. Then, as we take the subway to school or work, we're entering a world calibrated by algorithms. These mathematical formulas ensure that the subway system operates smoothly, predicting and adjusting the schedule so that each train reaches its next stop promptly. 


This level of precision is crucial for the hustle and bustle of city life, ensuring millions of people get to their destinations on time. paying for our journey using a contactless credit card, we engage with another algorithm that swiftly calculates the balance and processes the transaction, all within seconds. Even the convenience of knowing the schedule of our next train through an app is made possible by mathematical formulas that predict arrival times, helping us plan our commute to school with precision.


Once we arrive at school, the learning that unfolds within the learning environment lays the foundation for understanding the mathematical underpinnings of our society. Ms. Burton emphasizes that the basic math skills taught in school are not just academic exercises, they are essential tools that enable us to navigate the world. From managing finances or understanding the science behind the technologies we use; math is in every aspect of our lives.


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