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10 May, 2017

Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance -Proper planning preparation-News Default Image

Summative assessment is an important part of the learning cycle and peak performance only comes with excellent preparation. This week in Year 8 Mathematics, each class has been concentrating on preparing for their upcoming end-of-year examinations. These examinations will focus on the entire syllabus we have covered over the course of the academic year, however as Mathematics is a subject that involves ‘building blocks’ the pupils are expected to recall knowledge and apply understanding that they have formed throughout their Mathematics careers.

In the last four or five lessons, we have covered topics as diverse as: straight line graphs, quadratic graphs, percentages, fractions, construction and Algebraic manipulation, amongst others. We believe that a balanced mix of revision strategies is best for our students. Teachers direct some sessions while students lead others, developing independence is a key feature of mathematics lessons, and we view learning to prepare for examinations as a key life skill.

Feedback is a tremendously important part of this cycle and you can see in the images how we use mini whiteboards as an effective means of eliciting all student response to questions and a means to provide instant feedback. We are confident that all our students will be very well prepared for their examinations and thus enabled to perform at their best.   

Mr Clem Parrish
Head of Mathematics