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A world of adventures and opportunities to develop and grow await your child.


We believe in empowering our students to achieve academically.  For 20 consecutive years, NAIS Pudong students have exceeded the UK average in their results.  However, a great education is also about character development and student wellbeing. 

In a competitive world, we prepare your child to flourish academically, socially, physically and psychologically. 



We inspire curious and engaged learners through truly transformational experiences. Including collaborations with world-leading organisations like The Juilliard School, UNICEF, and MIT.

The MIT-Nord Anglia STEAM programme helps our students to develop their creativity and problem-solving skills by tackling interdisciplinary challenges facing the world today.
Students are challenged to make a difference locally and globally by tackling the Sustainable Development Goals.
The Juilliard School
Our collaboration with the world’s most renowned arts institution enriches our students’ love of dance, drama and music.


With a host of exciting co-curricular activities, your child can discover new talents or nurture existing passions.
Team sports and athletics
Physical Education is an important part of every student's education. Starting with the development of fine and gross motor skills in our Pre-Nursery class to learning the rules and skills for all kinds of sports, PE is a subject that ignites passions. 
Team sports and athletics
No matter what sport, we’ve got teams for absolute beginners right through to ‘MVPs’. Our school competes at a high level in football, basketball, volleyball, netball, rugby, and swimming within Shanghai, and further across Southeast Asia as an active member of ACAMIS and FOBISIA. 

With our indoor and outdoor sports facilities, including a state-of-the-art gymnasium, swimming pool, two large indoor sports halls and both grass and artificial turf football fields, there are spaces across our campus for students to practice and compete year-round. 
Languages (EAL focused)
With nearly 30 different languages spoken amongst our student body, languages are a such an important part of life at NAIS Pudong. 
Languages (EAL focused)
English as an additional language (EAL) support is available for our non-native English speakers, helping them quickly become confident communicators to their friends and teachers.  

Mandarin lessons are part of the school day for all students from Pre-Nursery onwards and we offer fun and challenging classes for beginners to our native speakers. In our Modern Foreign Language classes, students can learn French, Spanish, German and Korean allowing proficiency in multiple different languages, to reflect our truly internationally diverse student population. 
Performing Arts
Our Performing Arts courses focus on performance, creation, and theory and provide a strong foundation for students wishing to continue in the field in university and beyond.
Performing Arts
Beginning in Pre-nursery, our Performing Arts courses are supported by our collaboration with The Juilliard School. Students take part in special concept-based lessons written by Juilliard specialists which encourage discovery-based learning linked to important pieces of music, dance and drama – allowing them to understand how the techniques they study in class apply to works by professionals in each field. 

They can also enjoy live performances from Juilliard alumni to support their learning. We have a strong CCA programme that allows students the opportunity to further explore their interests, including 1:1 music instruction, orchestra, choir, and our school productions.

NAIS Pudong’s collaboration with MIT for our STEAM programme provides some of the most memorable learning experiences for our students. Our students benefit from our new state of the art Maker Space.

Our Maker Space is a creative area where students can roll up their sleeves and get hands-on experience in everything STEAM related. Through these activities, they learn how to solve problems, work as a team, think critically and innovate.

Our STEAM collaboration days allow an in-depth exploration of different topics and areas. These challenges, set by MIT professors, allow our students to be fully immersed in different subjects and to explore problems from all perspectives.  
Diverse cultures
By being exposed to new ways of thinking and diverse cultures, our students are better equipped for success when graduating and starting careers in our interconnected, modern world. 
Diverse cultures
NAIS Pudong’s students are given opportunities to travel abroad – from expeditions to Switzerland and Tanzania, to New York with the Model United Nations.  They connect with peers from different countries online and at regional events and make a difference in their local communities through activities with UNICEF. Our collaboration with UNICEF and engagement with their Sustainable Development Goals allows students unparalleled opportunities to make a difference in the world around them.
Outdoor Education



China Expeditions
Learning outside of the classroom
As part of our curriculum, all students in Year 6 and above embark on week-long expeditions across China to teach social impact through service and outreach programmes.
Local & national trips
Some of the activities in which students participate are  learning activities with  children in rural orphanages, volunteering in wildlife refuges to protect endangered species, and building infrastructure which provides fresh water to remote villages.
Citizenship expedition
Our Citizenship Expedition, based in Arusha, Tanzania, encourages global citizenship through volunteering amongst the local community. Our students help build schools, roads, and infrastructure in the local village while making new friends and learning about sustainable development.
“Life-changing” is the most frequently used description of the Tanzania expeditions. During the 10-day journey, our students work together with classmates from across Nord Anglia to make positive changes in a community – changes that immediately improve the lives of others. They learn the value of service against a backdrop of one of the most beautiful places in the world.
New York
Global challenge
Our UNICEF programme challenges students to think about how they can make a difference locally and globally to support the UN Sustainable Development 2030 agenda. 
New York

The annual global challenge is set by UNICEF, carried out in each school, and accompanied by a trip to join seminars, workshops and speaking opportunities at the High-level Political Forum (HLPF) at the Headquarters of the UN in New York.

The goal is to enable our students to engage with, and influence, world leaders at a local and global level to make the biggest impact.

Personal challenge expedition
The Personal Challenge Expedition in Les Martinets, Switzerland develops perseverance and challenges students to go beyond their own limits. 
Set in the breath-taking Swiss Alps, students hike through the mountains while working in teams on cooking and navigation challenges. This is designed to take students outside of their comfort zones, challenge their limits, and forge long-lasting relationships.
wellbeing & resilience


Your child will get the most out of their education if they are happy, which is why we help our students find the most effective ways of monitoring and regulating their own sense of well-being. By learning resilience and skills for life, they’ll be equipped for the future. 

Our wellbeing and mindfulness programme is embedded into our curriculum. Your child will benefit from activities and resources designed to keep their minds and bodies healthy.

What’s more, students have access to Nord Anglia Education’s online platform Global Campus, where they can connect and collaborate on projects with other students attending the tens of other Nord Anglia schools spanning over 30 countries.



Our school has a long history of leading local and global Model United Nations. This year NAIS Pudong hosted the NAEMUN China Senior Conference where over 40 delegates from four different NAE schools joined the Committee Meetings.

Our students and parents are active in fundraising and charitable donations, together raising nearly 70,000 RMB this year to support the Heart to Heart charity, providing corrective heart surgery for children across China. Additionally, each year, our Parent Community donates 24,000 RMB to Shanghai Sunrise, funding the education of six high school students and one university student. We believe it's important that your child understands how they can make a positive difference to their communities as global citizens, so we partner with the Wanliao Migrant School. We have many student-run charity and volunteer programmes, including a partnership with a local migrant school. We welcome underprivileged children into our community to help them improve their English skills, and participate in sports, arts, and cultural activities with our students. 
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