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10 May, 2017

Students visit orphanage

Students visit orphanage-Students visit orphanage-News Default Image
During the holidays several BISS Pudong students showed their big hearts and accompanied the Community Group volunteers to HuiXin orphanage.

Although the students were prepared to be confronted with children who are mentally and physically disabled, children who are derived from the love of their parents and live in completely different circumstances, our students quickly adapted to the situation and opened their hearts for the HuiXin children.

Each one of them found a place in the orphanage where they felt they could contribute best, whether it was upstairs holding the babies, playing with the little ones on the outside terrace, or downstairs with the older children who they carried outside to the small playground and put a smile on their faces. It didn't take long before the HuiXin children were smiling (and the ayi's who enjoyed the interaction between the children), and this made the students very happy as well.

After playtime, the children had to wash hands and it was time for lunch. Several bigger children who can eat without help were just begging for the attention of our great boys and girls, wanted to be spoon-fed again and that was beautiful to see.

Our students found it hard to see that children had to be tied to their beds to sleep, but they understood as well that it's not easy for 3 or 4 ayi's to take care of 20 children in one room. Maybe our students were hesitant about their visit to HuiXin, but when they left they were all very happy that they had been! 

By Monica Spijker, Community Group Orphanage Volunteer