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24 June, 2021

Where To Live in Shanghai

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At first glance, finding a home for your family in Shanghai might appear daunting, but don’t worry! Shanghai has a wide range of housing options to suit all tastes and budgets, from palatial villas to sleek, modern apartments.

Where To Live in Shanghai: Villa Versus Apartment

In Shanghai the words ‘house’ and ‘villa’ are often used to mean the same type of building - usually a detached property on a gated, centrally managed compound. There are over 300 developments in the city which attract expatriate residents. Most villas are located in the suburbs of Shanghai in areas like Hongqiao, Kangqiao,  Minghang, Jiading and Century Park. These mini-neighbourhoods generally have their own grass fields, pools, gyms and small stores. Each community also has their own security guards who monitor entry and exit to the compound. Houses range in size from quaint 150sqm 2-bedroom cottages to enormous 9-bedroom 1100sqm houses with pools and garages.

Shanghai has an incredible assortment of apartments and serviced residences. Due to the lack of space for villas and detached housing in the downtown areas, apartments offer a great housing alternative for expatriates who wish to enjoy Shanghai's nightlife and cultural offerings. There are also apartment buildings in several of the villa and townhouse complexes which are located in the suburbs. Some of these are more affordable then their downtown counterparts. Serviced apartments generally refer to hotel-like residences with a range of full-service features which may involve cleaning, laundry, utility management and even room service. All units within a serviced apartment will be under the central management of one company. While often more expensive then privately owned apartments, serviced apartments generally are much more "hassle-free" and can offer leasing terms of less than one year. Most serviced apartments have a gym, and often also a swimming facility.

The interiors of houses and apartments vary wildly. Most centrally managed compounds tend to lean towards more inoffensive and subtle tones and textures, often with hardwood or marble flooring and off-white walls. Privately owned villas often reflect the owner's taste which can vary greatly.


Impartial Advice

When you are faced with a myriad of choices on your look-see visit and a relocation agent who seems intent on only showing you inappropriate accommodation, take a moment to read our summaries below.  We have tried to be as impartial as we can with some nice parent reviews about each compound's pros and cons to help you decide. Our fleet of school buses run from all over the city (49 of them to be exact) so we can pick up students easily from anywhere you choose to live.






One of the best villa complexes, it has excellent facilities and a great sense of community. A little further out of the hustle and bustle of the city, it is located in a growing area soon to be most desirable for it’s ease of access to the new Shanghai Disney resort.

It is possible to get villas here with swimming pools, just remember to negotiate hard with your agent on this. They have a shuttle bus service to Century Park. It is 5-10 minutes to school and Nanpu bridge is only 20 minutes by car.

School Bus pick up 8.00 am

KERRY Hotel Pudong Residences (serviced apartments)

Conveniently located steps away from the Kerry Parkside retail complex, these residences are pretty exclusive and sought-after. There are 182 separate residences with excellent sports and leisure facilities plus an indoor adventure playzone for younger children.

You gain all the benefits of living in a hotel so if you would like the option of a full cooked breakfast without the washing up, this could be the place for you. It is just 20 minutes to school and Nanpu bridge is only 20 minutes by car.

 School Bus pick up 7.45 am



This compound has lots of greenery and a more European village feel.  Many houses are newly decorated with spacious private gardens. Houses range from 3-6 bedrooms, most with individual styling and marble flooring, central air-con and double glazed windows. It boasts comprehensive clubhouse facilities with an indoor pool, tennis court and gym. With 24-hour security, it is 10 minutes to school and Nanpu bridge is only 20 minutes by car.

School Bus pick up 8.00 am



SHIMAO Riviera Gardens

Well appointed apartments of various sizes, this compound is very popular with a wide range of nationalities. Located in a pleasant expat neighbourhood, it is close to local amenities and has views of the river and across Shanghai. It occupies two sides of the Weifang West Road with gym and swimming facilities in each area. A sandy beach club and wave pool are set up on one side. Some buildings were built in the first phase and so are slightly more tired than the showcase apartments in building 5. It is 25 minutes to school and Nanpu bridge is only 5 minutes by car.

School Bus pick up 7.40am



With wooden clad houses and individual style, it has a small but very functional club house with swimming pool and gym facilities. Ther is also a restaurant on site. The houses are a good size  and it is widely considered among the best built and managed properties in Shanghai. Compared to many other Shanghai properties, they are also tremendous value and 3-bedroom (235sqm) to 5-bedroom (410 sqm) are available. Just 10 minutes to school and the Nanpu bridge is also only 20 minutes by car.

School Bus pick up 8.00 am




Where else do our families choose to live?

:: Mandarin City, Up Town;

French Concession: Royal Pavillion, Tomson Garden;

Hongqiao: Contemporary Spirit, Hongqiao Court, Regency, Rich Garden, Splendid Garden;

Huangpu: Lakeville Regency, Jingan, San Marino, Seasons;

Jingqiao & Century Park: Dong Jiao Villas, Dongjiao Guest Hotel, Garden Villas, Eastern Villa, Golden Vienna, Green Court, Green Hills, Green Lakeville, Pudong Century Garden, Pudong Century Park, Shama Century Park, Shimao Lakeside, Tomson Beautiful Space, Tomson Golf, Seasons Villas, Vizcaya, Willowbrook, Xiang Mei Garden, Yanlord Town;

Kangqiao: BelleWood, Cambridge Forest, Emerald, Oasis Villa, Pasadena Town, Tiziano, Trinity, Longyang Rd/Pudong, Wanbang Apt:

Lujiazui: Amenity Garden, Fortune Residence, Fraser Suites, Green Villas, Shimao Riviera, Skyline Mansion, Summit Panorama, Summit Residence, Tomson Riviera, Yanlord Garden::