31 March, 2022

The FOBISIA Modern Foreign Language Championship

The FOBISIA Modern Foreign Language Championship
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What an amazing outcome for our students in Y5 to Y9 in the Education Perfect FOBISIA LANGUAGE Championship!

Every day during the seven-day competition, our students checked the leaderboard to see if we were still at the top! Since day one of the competition, NAIS Pudong  held on to the top spot for Spanish and fought other schools across Asia for the second and third place for French. Our committed students tried their very best and we stayed in the top five for the entire week.

Our talented students earned more than 20,000 points in total and placed in 1st position for Spanish and 4th for French in their category.

At NAIS Pudong, the Modern Foreign Language department believes that learning a second language helps our students become more articulate, literate and multicultural as well as becoming global citizens. During this week of competition students of Spanish and French have practiced their language skills in a fun way and demonstrated a passion for language learning. They have developed their reading, listening, writing and speaking skills through different activities. They proved to be knowledgeable, open-minded and risk takers; their attitudes throughout the whole process made all teachers very proud of our community. We are delighted with the achievements of every single one of them.

A very special congratulations to Mii, Stephanie, Abby, Vika and Izzywho achieved the top 5 places in the school.

We are so proud of the effort and commitment that our students showed for Modern Foreign Language learning during this competition. Please join us in passing our biggest congratulations to our gifted students who have achieved such great accomplishments. ¡Buen trabajo! Bon travail!