10 May, 2022

SISAC Sportsperson Award for 2022 to Caroline

Today we celebrate our Year 13 athletes at  who have represented the Pudong Tigers  teams and contributed to the success we have had in many sports for many years.  Our students competed on the court in netball, basketball, and volleyball, on the sports field with football and in the pool breaking so many personal bests over the years. Our hope is as these students move to university, they continue to keep sport in their life and try new things, join teams and clubs and have an active lifestyle.


We  recognise  the commitment and immense effort from these students by awarding them their Service to Sport Trophy which will make its way to our athletes when we can. Remember once a Tiger always a Tiger!!We also recognize individual talent, this year we will be only selecting one person as our sports person of the year, moving away from gender-based awards like they did in the Brits this year and celebrating the overall Sporting success story over the last couple of years.


This person is a very talented athlete and team player who always competes with a determined approach. This year, this player has been amazing helping the netball and basketball teams win their leagues and cups as well as playing for the volleyball team. She would have played for the football team if the season had continued as normal.


It is my pleasure to award the SISAC Sportsperson Award for 2022 to Caroline Klevstadlien.