24 May, 2022

Nord Anglia University Destinations

Nord Anglia University Destinations-Nord Anglia University Destinations-640

From exceptional academic results, to having the creativity, resilience, and confidence to make their mark on the world, at Nord Anglia we make sure every child leaves our schools with everything they need to succeed in whatever they want to do or be in life.Our students learn using the world's most respected curricula, enabling a life-long love of learning and academic results that open pathways to the world's best universities and careers. Across our 77 schools in 32 countries, our Class of 2022 received offers from nearly all the Top 50 universities in the world, including from every school ranked in the Top 10. Prestigious institutions like MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Oxford, and Cambridge will all be welcoming Nord Anglia students on to their campuses in the fall.We are so proud of the outstanding success each of our nearly 70,000 students across the globe and wish our Class of 2022 all the best as they continue into university and beyond.

Nord Anglia University Destinations-Nord Anglia University Destinations