08 June, 2022

Cap and Gown | NAIS Pudong Class of 2022

On 8th June, we took the opportunity to hold our traditional Graduation ceremony for our Class of 2022. In my opening address, I shared the uniqueness of their story and spoke a little about not only the adversities they have faced over the past few months but also the resilience and strength of this group of graduates as a cohort.


This was followed by strong words from Ms. Hughes who in the words of a true IB advocate and lifelong learner herself drew on the core of the IB;  knowledge. She shared a focus upon the knowledge they have, the power they hold.  She expressed that inimitable and paradoxical power of both youth and experience.  Choosing the words from the writer Minjin Lee who stated “Fill your mind with knowledge-it’s the only kind of power no-one can take away from you” Ms Hughes expressed her thoughts on how those words particularly impressed upon the graduates of 2022 : the unique power that their life experience so far has shaped in them.

We are exceptionally proud of this group of young people and look forward to having the opportunity to follow their success over many years to come. With leading university places secure across the world , they are sure to take that thirst for knowledge and go out into the world ready to make their difference.