09 November, 2022

Around the Houses!

Around the Houses! -house-640 (1)

In our school we have four Houses: De, Dao, Li and Qi.  Each house has a colour and a Chinese character:

Around the Houses! -house

Now, let me tell you more…


The House Point system at Nord Anglia International School Shanghai, Pudong has always been an engaging experience that encourages active participation, camaraderie, selflessness, teamwork and responsibility in our students.  We use the house system to foster the development of creative, confident and considerate learners.  House points can be gained for many positive behaviour traits within these realms; for example, showing consideration towards classmates socially, giving a confident performance or coming up with creative ways to approach difficult tasks.

Around the Houses! -house

Our students receive small marbles (House Points) as a reward for excellent behaviour or academic efforts.  Every two weeks, we compare the House points in assembly using the always dramatic ‘Marvellous Marble-o-Meter’ and one of our four houses will see their house gain an advantage in the race for the end of year House Trophy!

Around the Houses! -house

As well as this excitement, we also enjoy many competitions throughout the year.  The content of these competitions can vary year-on-year, as we like to give the students the chance to engage and offer ideas about what activities they would like to compete in.  We have basketball and Connect4 competitions coming up this term.  The results of these competitions also have a bearing on which house takes home the end of year House Trophy.

Around the Houses! -house

Finally, perhaps the most important part of our House system is giving our students opportunity to become a House Captain, developing their leadership skills. I am delighted to announce our House Captains in Primary for this academic year 2022/23:



Year 3


Eunice 3B


Eli 3A


Sophia 3B


Richard 3B


Year 4


David 4A


Oscar 4B


Kayla 4B


Wilson 4A


Year 5


Yat-Ning 5B


Daniel 5B


Zoe 5A


Sunny 5A


Year 6


Andrew 6B


Elaine 6B


Katherine 6A


Eby 6B