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18 August, 2023

NAIS Pudong Parent & Community Association

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On Monday we return to the core business of education and providing the best possible provision and opportunities for our students, but alongside the traditional teaching and learning activities, the sometimes unsung heroes who make up our Parent & Community Association (PCA) also restarted their important work in their roles as conduits between the school and the community as a whole.

The PCA is made up members of both the parent and academic bodies and their role is multi-faceted.  The core objectives of the group are as follows:

* To promote and extend strong and productive relationships between parents, staff and other supporters of the school

* To help organise school events, fairs, fetes, coffee morning and other such activities

* To welcome new families and help new parents understand the nature and workings of the school

* To support the school in providing a richer environment for our students by working with relevant community resourcing options

By nature of their relationship with the school, all current parents and employees of NAIS Pudong are automatically members of the PCA, but the group also have a smaller team who are actively engaged in the PCA Committee.  The current PCA Chairperson, Vanessa Jiang, is keen to engage the whole community:

“We have a dedicated team here already who do excellent work in supporting the school, but we are always happy to welcome new members to support our activities.  I understand that many community members may not have the time to give to such groups, but involvement in our activities can be on a variety of levels and doesn’t necessarily mean a lot of time needs to be set aside.  We have formal roles such as ‘Charities Coordinator’, ‘New Parent Liaison’, ‘Events Coordinator’ and many others, but we invite people to join on a more informal basis too.  We have several social events across the year and it’s a great opportunity for individuals – especially those new to the school – to build a new network of friends.”

If you’d like to talk with the PCA about getting involved in whatever way you can, you are welcome to contact the team via email at  We also encourage every member of our parent community to join the PCA WeChat group by scanning the QR code below.  This group is a useful platform for contacting the team if you have any questions or would like to raise any issues that the PCA might be able to support you with.

 NAIS Pudong Parent & Community Association-NAIS Pudong Parent Community Association

Announcements about meetings, school activities, social events and other key information with be announced within the PCA WeChat group, and we will also include information about PCA events in our monthly newsletter and in this WeChat channel.  The first major event led by the group is the ‘Welcome Back Picnic’ which will take place in school on Saturday 2nd September on the school sports fields.  There’ll be a range of food and drink options as well as fun activities for the whole family to enjoy, and we’ll post information about this next week.  We hope you can come along to help us celebrate the re-opening of school!