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18 January, 2024

Alumni Visit – Celebrating Success

Alumni Visit – Celebrating Success-Alumni Visit  Celebrating Success-joung2

Recently, we had the pleasure of welcoming two accomplished alumni back to our school – Joung J., a 2022 graduate, and Sarthak Bodhale, a 2021 graduate.

Joung J. - Pursuing Musical Excellence

Joung J., who graduated in 2022, is currently pursuing his passion for music at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. His major in Contemporary Music Writing and Production reflects his dedication to mastering all facets of the music industry. Achieving this milestone at Berklee, renowned globally for its excellence in music education, is a remarkable feat. Joung's commitment and talent have earned him a scholarship at Berklee, with further opportunities for additional scholarships on the horizon. His journey exemplifies the school's commitment to nurturing diverse talents and preparing students for success on a global stage.


Alumni Visit – Celebrating Success-Alumni Visit  Celebrating Success 

Sarthak Bodhale - Engineering Excellence Takes Flight

Sarthak Bodhale, a 2021 graduate boasting 40 IB points, is currently making strides in the field of Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Aerospace at UBC, Canada. Currently in the third year of his course, Sarthak is actively seeking industrial work experience in the aerospace sector for the next 16 months. Following this, he plans to complete 12 courses within a year and pursue a Master's degree in Canada. Sarthak fondly recalls the invaluable lessons from Mr. Siccardi and Ms. Hughes, emphasizing the enduring significance of prioritizing quality over quantity in written work. From lab reports to technical essays, this principle continues to guide him.

Sarthak reflects on memorable experiences, including a Year 9 project week in Sanya dedicated to a charity project. Additionally, Mr. Siccardi's Year 11 History class, filled with humor, created an engaging learning environment that students looked forward to. These experiences have left a lasting impact on Sarthak, shaping his approach to work and learning.


Alumni Visit – Celebrating Success-Alumni Visit  Celebrating Success 


The success stories of our alumni like Joung and Sarthak highlight the school's commitment to fostering excellence and preparing students for impactful careers across diverse fields.