Through one-of-a-kind opportunities and collaborations, your child will make a real difference in our school, locally, and across the globe. We’ll support them to become a principled global citizen, too, building character, kindness, and empathy through our Core Values Programme (CVP) and holistic approach to learning.
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leading the way

Our Student Council are role models in school and our community, mentoring our younger children, giving their peers a voice, and supporting local and international charities, including WWF, Pink Ribbon, and Nederland Voedselbank. Our student kindness club collects and delivers books, food, and clothes to local families, too. And through our Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) programme, IBDP students identify an authentic community need and work together to find practical solutions.
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living our values

We encourage our students to act with integrity, to be considerate, and to learn the skills they need to thrive as individuals, family members, and part of society. Our Core Values Programme (CVP) and Values, Inquiry, and Perspectives learning approach – both of which are embedded into every student’s day – create a strong sense of community, encourage personal responsibility, and develop a strong moral compass.
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Through our exclusive collaboration with UNICEF, your child will learn about the challenges facing our planet – and take action to address them. Activities surrounding World Children’s Day teach our students about their rights, how to protect them, and how to advocate for those who may not have a voice. And through our Model United Nations programme, your child will research, debate, and propose solutions to pressing global issues.
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Supported by our caring and committed teachers, your child will learn in a way that works for them, enjoying personalised experiences that nurture their talents and ensure they get outstanding results.