Welcome to NAS Dubai

All schools have their own special personality and the character of NAS Dubai is particularly strong. It holds on to a simple ambition: “To be the school in Dubai which is known to be the best because it is the place where the learning is great, where the results are outstanding and where the community is distinguished”.

This ambition can be found throughout the school in the genuine pride that our students and staff take in their learning and teaching coupled with the belief that there should be 'no lids on learning' because there are no limits to what we can achieve when we put in the right effort and find the right support. Additional to our commitment to the highest academic standards throughout we also understand how an education at NAS Dubai contributes to the developing understanding of how our students can live and prosper in the increasingly complex global city state environments they live in, come from and will move on to. And also, how they can meet the challenges of sustainability and responsible healthy living while exercising their entrepreneurial instincts to build better futures in the real and digital communities that they belong to. Blending the very best of British International traditions in Dubai and supported by the partnerships and special opportunities that come from belonging to the world’s premium schools organisation all are welcome to visit and we would be pleased to show you around.

Matthew Farthing Principal.