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Our community's warmth creates a strong sense of belonging, while the extraordinary diversity embraces respect for others and an open mindedness to look at the world in different ways. This supports our students to thrive, academically, socially and emotionally.
Matthew Farthing
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As a Dubai British international school, our unique international curriculum combines world-renowned education frameworks with a personalised approach to learning. Our Early Years and Primary curriculums are based on the National Curriculum of England. Secondary school students also learn from a version of the National Curriculum of England, leading to IGCSE qualifications in Year 11.

As a leading international school in Dubai, we offer a pathway choice in Sixth Form, based on your child's strengths, passions and goals. Whether choosing the International Baccalaureate DP or A-Levels, our Sixth Form pathways are internationally recognised by the world’s top universities, allowing our students to create the future they want for themselves.  

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NAS Dubai is a world-leading British curriculum school in the United Arab Emirates. Our internationally recognised curriculum reimagines education through six key educational pillars, developing students into compassionate and responsible citizens.
Academic excellence
Personalised learning combined with an internationally renowned curriculum help Nord Anglia International School Dubai students to achieve outstanding results which open doors to the world’s top universities.
Academic excellence

Students experience personalised learning unlike in any other school. A continual assessment process, working in conjunction with small class sizes (around 20) gives every student a learning experience that caters to their unique interests and abilities. 

Personalised sixth form pathways include the IBDP and A-Levels, again individualised to give students the best pathway to creating their future. 

They’re helped by UGC team counsellors, who provide support for sixth formers as they choose their preferred universities. Through this guidance, many of our graduates are accepted into top 100 universities around the world – a reflection on the competitive, confident, results-focused people they become. 

Exceptional learning experiences
As an international school in Dubai, our broad curriculum covers traditional academic areas, in addition to giving students a foundation in performing arts, DICE (Design, Innovation, Computing, Enterprise) subjects, world languages, sports and more.
Exceptional learning experiences
Our innovative award winning curriculum model for STEAM, DICE (Design, Innovation, Computing, Enterprise), prepares our students for the future. Creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication (the four C’s) are put at the forefront in DICE as our students learn to solve real-world problems in a fun and nurturing environment, while building an entrepreneurial mindset to communicate their ideas. 

Educational innovation doesn’t stop with the curriculum. Primary and secondary students experience cross-phase learning, working alongside children of different ages. This practice encourages resilience and ambition in the younger cohort, and compassion and patience in more senior students. 

At NAS Dubai, education extends to once-in-a-lifetime, year group specific learning opportunities. For example, in their final year of primary, students take part in the Formula 1 project in collaboration with YAS Marina Circuit. Another example is the Year 10 Young Innovator Programme, which sees students pitch ideas to tackle social problems. 
Advanced learning environment
Our teachers use innovative classroom technology to bring education to life, unlocking potential and giving NAS Dubai students a focused, progressive environment to learn in.
Advanced learning environments

Our world-class facilities are designed to enhance learning. Spacious classrooms and designated breakout spaces create the atmosphere of a home away from home for our students – a progressive, open space in which they can learn and enjoy spending time. All classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and wireless broadcasting facilities, encouraging students to think creatively and embrace innovation. 

The youngest students at NAS Dubai love our dedicated EYFS Centre, complete with an internal playground accessible directly from all early years classrooms, as well as two learner swimming pools. Year 1 classrooms all have direct access to their own dedicated outdoor play area. Year 2 - Year 6 students have their own outdoor play area, with a Pirate Ship playground, allowing for a gradual transition from EYFS into the primary school.  

Sixth form students have their own designated wellbeing spaces, in addition to the Sixth Form Centre that provides social gathering spaces, as well as quiet learning areas. Our current in-house Innovation Hub is where students can engage with technological learning, using equipment like 3D printers, robotics, digital design tools and power tools.  We also have our own recording studio for podcasts and even a hydroponic farming space. 

 Our social purpose
We will teach your child to make a positive difference in the world – helping them to become responsible global citizens.
 Our social purpose

We believe students who learn to channel creativity and innovation can change the world. That’s why we encourage our students to take part in our global trips, starting from Year 6, designed to encourage compassion, nurture global citizenship and teach your child that they can make a difference. Trips include visits to Cambodia, Japan, the US, Oman, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand and Nepal, and the renowned NAE Tanzania expedition.

At school level, we incorporate the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals into learning and teaching experiences across primary and secondary years. This learning helps our students develop inspiring solutions that tackle some of the world's biggest problems, showcased by taking part in the UNICEF Global Challenge. Our programme inspires young people to be changemakers in their communities and collaborate with their classmates around the world, raising awareness and encouraging students to make a difference on a global scale. 

Locally, students lead community service projects. The aim is to help children understand that their personal growth isn’t solely reliant on academic performance, but also on personality and character development. We support local Dubai Cares charity Al Jalila Breast Cancer Awareness, the NAE Red Crescent as well as The Little Wings Foundation, which provides activities for children in need. 

The world’s best teachers
Outstanding teachers make outstanding schools. We invest in some of the world’s best educators and provide them with exceptional professional development opportunities – so your child can achieve more than at any other school.
The world’s best teachers

All our outstanding teachers are fully qualified and are focused on results-driven, challenging, well-rounded learning outcomes through both personalisation, and supporting students' wellbeing and emotional growth.  

Our teachers have a breadth of experience, much of which has come in an international setting, enabling them to easily adapt to our international school community of over 90 nationalities. They bring a truly global viewpoint to the learning experience offered to our students. 

We hold our teachers to the highest global standards, set by our dedicated Nord Anglia Education team in the UK and quality assured by our Senior Leadership Team. They experience ongoing reviews and self-assessments, which go hand-in-hand with professional development. This means students are taught by dedicated, passionate and up-to-date teachers, ensuring they make the best possible progress and unlock their true potential. 

The Nord Anglia Education family 
When you join our Dubai international school community, you become part of the Nord Anglia network of students, parents, and alumni, opening a world of opportunities.
The Nord Anglia Education family 

Parents play a critical role in students learning journeys, which is why we ensure you feel supported and empowered in each phase of your child’s school life with an open-door policy, regular contact with teaching staff, town hall meetings with the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and workshops. We’re proud of the fantastic reputation we have with our parents and we work with them closely to develop open, transparent communication.

Our volunteer Chatter Box Café gives parents a meeting platform before, during and after school hours, strengthening the sense of belonging and community spirit amongst our families and offering an easy forum for new families to connect. The school class rep system is also led by a parent volunteer and, in conjunction with the SLT, creates a support system for families, helping to integrate new joiners easily into the NAS Dubai community. 

All students and staff are part of our house system (Falcons, Scorpions, Vipers and Leopards) and compete in sporting and academic events throughout the year, which further enhances school spirit and playful competition.


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You want what’s best for your child. And so do we. We tailor our admissions process to your family’s needs and we’re here to help every step of the way.
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At NAS Dubai we offer a truly global experience with exceptional learning opportunities and outstanding teachers. Our students achieve academic excellence and learn all the skills they need to make a difference in the world outside the classroom.