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Joining our family!
We look forward to you joining us at Nord Anglia International School, Dubai.


Thank you for considering NAS Dubai for your family. We are excited to share more about the personalised and globally focused education your child will receive at our school.

We pride ourselves on our warm and friendly approach from the moment you contact us and look forward to introducing you to our vibrant and welcoming school environment.

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We’re an academically ambitious school, home to a vibrant, diverse community of students from around the world. At NAS Dubai, we foster inclusion and offer year-round placements for qualifying students through a process that’s simple, efficient and personalised. 

When you apply, we take into consideration, your child’s application form, previous school reports, online assessment for older students and video evidence for younger students. We are careful to ensure that anyone applying will thrive in our friendly, international school environment and benefit from the education we offer. 

We do not normally accept new students into Year 11 and Year 13, and considering that we start IGCSE programme in Year 9, we only accept students into Year 10 until the October half-term break. 
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Choosing the perfect school is one of the most important decisions a parent can make and we are thrilled that your family is interested in our school. We look forward to working with you throughout the admissions journey.
Our promises:
  • You’ll go through a smooth admissions process and we’ll be by your side to support you every step of the way
  • We'll arrange a virtual discovery meeting and tour for you
  • We’ll arrange for you to visit our campus, meet our teachers and visualise your child in our school
  • We can introduce you to other parents, so you can hear first-hand what they love about NAS Dubai
Get in touch
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Ready to apply to NAS Dubai? Here’s what you need to do next!
Make an enquiry
Submit an online enquiry form on our website, send us an email or give us a call and speak to our Admissions team about how we can best assist your family’s needs.  
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Make an enquiry
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Visit us
Schedule a Personalised Virtual Tour and a Discovery meeting with our Admissions team, depending on your availability. Parents will hear about the school and have the opportunity to ask specific questions about NAS Dubai.
Visit us
Make your application
Submit an online application form with supporting documents and the application fee (525 aed) and schedule a school tour in person.
Apply now
Make your application
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Assessment and offer
Arrange a time for your child to take the online admissions assessment. We aim to send the outcome of the assessment within one week and then parents have a few days to respond. 
Assessment and offer
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Place secured
Accept our enrolment offer and pay the enrolment fee (5,000 aed).
Place secured
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Don’t miss out on important news, events and extracurricular activities.
Start of Term 2
Tuesday 02 Jan to Monday 08 Jan 2024
Half term
Monday 12 Feb to Friday 16 Feb 2024
Start of Term 2
Monday 15 Apr to Wednesday 05 Jun 2024

Tuition fees

At Nord Anglia International School Dubai, our tuition fees reflect the premium education and care we provide.  

Our warm and welcoming community will educate your child to achieve academic success, preparing them for entry into the world’s leading universities. Our state-of-the-art facilities, extracurricular activities, and highly qualified teachers give our students the platform they need to unlock their potential. 

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  • How old is the school?
    Nord Anglia International School Dubai opened its doors to internationals students in September 2014. Situated in Al Barsha 3 South, NAS Dubai now teaches students from 78 different nationalities.
  • What qualifications do your teachers have?

    All our teachers are highly qualified, motivated and experienced to help ensure that students reach their full potential, and they’re all qualified with minimum a university degree and UK teaching qualification PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate of Education). 

    We require teachers to have teaching experience from both UK schools and abroad. Many of them have undertaken further study to enhance their teaching skills through the Nord Anglia University that offers a Master’s Degree in International Education. We currently have more than 130 teachers who are IB trained and can teach right across the school. 

  • How long do teachers stay at your school?

    We have a low teacher turnover rate of approximately 12per cent, which ensures continuity and excellence in teaching. Some teachers have been with us since the beginning.

    Our teachers are mostly British with a few from other English-speaking countries. Most of our language teachers are native speakers of the language they teach. All of this adds to our school’s diversity and internationalism. 

  • What curriculum do you teach?
    We offer an internationally enhanced English National Curriculum (internationally often called the British Curriculum) from Early Years to Year 11 – one of the most stable and best-recognised curriculums in the world. Our students take the IGCSE Public Examinations at the end of Year 11. This curriculum prepares the students well for the IB Diploma Programme or A levels that we offer in Years 12 and 13. Our students successfully apply to the top universities in the world and their success has given our school a fantastic international reputation.  
  • Which Sixth Form programme is right for me/my child?

    Choosing between the IBDP and A levels can be challenging for some students. 

    The IBDP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme) is a stimulating, well-rounded diploma designed for those students who are prepared to work hard and be challenged. This qualification is recognised at universities around the world, often referred to as the gold standard. 

    A-levels are more suitable for those students who want to pursue a particular pathway, particularly one with a university career based in the UK, where A levels are most recognised.  

  • What world languages do you teach?

    All our students from Nursery to Year 13 choose a world language from French, German, Mandarin and Spanish. In addition to this, all our students have Arabic classes until the end of Year 10 if they are not an Arab passport holder. Our Arab passport holders take Arabic language to end of Year 12. Our IB students can also choose Arabic or their mother tongue as Language A. 

    In addition to this, we understand the importance of language learning and language keeping. Travelling around the world, our students acquire world languages and, at NAS Dubai, we strive to provide quality classes so that students can continue to learn their desired world language and take qualifications. This is either offered by the school or external providers during the Enrichment Activities Programme under the umbrella of the NAS Language Academy.   

  • What are your class sizes?
    Our number of students per class is usually around 20. This number of students in the specialist subjects in the Upper Secondary School is much smaller. 
  • Do you have teaching assistants?
    We employ highly qualified teaching assistants. In our early years classrooms, supporting 20 students, you’ll find one teacher and two Teaching Assistants. In primary school, you can expect one teacher and one Teaching Assistants. In the secondary school and Sixth Form we have subject technicians.  
  • Do you take children with limited or no English language?
    Our minimum entry requirement is that a student has a good level of English language. 
  • Do you have an admissions assessment?
    NAS Dubai fosters inclusive education and maintains high academic standards for all. All students who apply to NAS Dubai sit admissions assessments. Assessment dates are arranged throughout the year. 
  • What sort of school trips do you offer at your school?

    We offer a wide variety of educational trips to build cultural awareness, skills such as leadership, communication, academic and life skills. On some of the trips our students work with local communities, where they learn about the world and understand the importance of helping others, and improving their lives and learning environment, for example our annual trip to the NAE Centre in Tanzania, and week-long expeditions to Malaysia, Oman, Nepal or Thailand. 

    Our student's safety and wellbeing always come first. Risk assessments are conducted for all trips and, as a parent, you will always know who is responsible for your child's care wherever they are. At our school, we have regular, well-planned communications with parents, so you will always feel informed.  

  • What is your Sports Programme like?

    We pride ourselves in fostering the pursuit of excellence in a sport-for-all environment. NAS Dubai supports students who compete in sports in the DASSA (Dubai Affiliated Schools Sports Association) leagues including football, rugby, netball, cricket, rounders, Aquathon, athletics, basketball and swimming. 

    Our PE department is proud to participate in over 500 fixtures over the course of the year from Year 3 to Year 13. This amazing feat has been accomplished because of our outstanding students, teachers, parents and facilities. This has been recognised by the UAE Sports Teen awards where NAS Dubai was awarded ‘Best Sport and Fittest School’.

  • Do you have a Performing Arts programme?

    We’re passionate about all three performing arts and our students experience dance, drama and music from the age of three to Sixth Form when they become subjects of choice. We strongly believe that all three subjects play a crucial role in enabling our students to develop into intelligent, confident and well-rounded global citizens.     

    Our Performing Arts programme is an integral part of our curriculum and through our collaboration with The Juilliard School, our students and teachers have a unique opportunity to benefit from their expertise and resources. 

    Through our NAS Dubai Music Academy, all students have the opportunity to play an instrument or take voice lessons. 

    School performances are put on by the students throughout the year. Recent shows have included Oliver, Grease, Hairspray, The Jungle Book, Under the Sea and Aladdin, to name a few. 

  • Do you have after school activities?

    Our Enrichment Activities Programme offers over 100 activities across all phases of the school. Students can choose their own path and explore their interests. 

    Our wide-ranging programme allows your child to discover activities that excite and inspire them. Every year we try to provide new activities to meet the desires and varied interests of our student body, and these are changed and selected each term. In addition to activities provided by the school, we have a full range of externally provided activities that can satisfy all interests. 

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Come visit our vibrant campus to find out what makes our school unique. We are excited to learn more about your family and show you everything our amazing school has to offer.

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