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University Destinations
Our students have received offers to the following universities.
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IB Diploma Programme Scholarship
The NAS Dubai IB scholarship programme is designed for students who encompass creativity, innovation, social responsibility, academic excellence and leadership. These attributes embrace the role of a changemaker.
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Education in Dubai
Dubai is known for its impressive quality of education, which typically includes kindergarten, primary, preparatory and secondary school stages.
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Exploring the World of Music

The works have been carefully chosen based on their iconic quality, teachable moments and to give breadth to your child's musical learning. Your child will study these works throughout their school career to give them a deep engagement and appreciation with each piece.

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French Language Programme
French is the second most frequently taught language in the world, after English. It is spoken on 5 continents and is an official working language of countless non-governmental organisations including NATO, UNESCO and the International Red Cross.
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German Language Programme
Herzlich Willkommen! Here at NAS Dubai German is a small but growing language.
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