15 May, 2021

Life in Dubai

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Known for its expansive shopping, beautiful urban architecture and lively nightlife, Dubai offers a never-ending list of places to discover. Families from across the world may move to the city to pursue educational or business opportunities, making for a truly international combination of cultures.

Top Things to Do in Dubai

Your family will find no shortage of exciting activities to explore in Dubai. The city's cultural diversity means you can find restaurants for almost any palate, and a thriving nightlife scene affords plenty of opportunities for socializing with other expats. 

If your family loves to be active, you can spend time soaking in the sun at Jumeirah Beach, camping in the desert or hiking in the majestic foothills of the Hajar Mountains. Dubai can reach some scorching heat levels in the summer, so you'll want to plan your outdoor adventures accordingly.

Are urban activities more your thing? Your family may enjoy exploring the Dubai Mall — one of the largest shopping centers in the world — or one of the city's many quintessential bazaars. For a glimpse into Dubai’s rich past, take a tour of the city's historic district, the Bastakiya Quarter.

Family Life

Dubai is an excellent choice for families looking to relocate. The combination of modern conveniences with a rich cultural history can help children of all ages expand their horizons and discover a new way of life. The city has a regular amount of expatriate movement, both entering and leaving the country, with a very high population of non-Emirati citizens. Family-friendly activity centers, such as pools, aquariums and sports centers abound throughout the city. You will even find unique locations to ski and ice skate with the whole family.

With excellent academic opportunities, such as Nord Anglia International School Dubai, you can access a truly exceptional education that will help your kids adapt to a changing world. We welcome students from around the globe and offer a deep array of resources to help families settle into their new life.

Life-changing opportunities await the whole family in Dubai. Reach out to our team to learn more.