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15 May, 2019

Moving to Dubai

Are you currently considering or planning a move to Dubai? The following tips will help you make a smooth transition while moving to Dubai.

Understand Your Visa

To move to Dubai, you'll need a residence visa that lasts for two years and is typically sponsored by your employer. A residence visa will enable you to start setting up your new life in Dubai as it's a requirement to open a local bank account and get a driving license. Employers generally handle the paperwork and costs associated with your visa application.

Find a Place to Live

Dubai has many financial perks, including tax-free income, and the city offers many options of accommodations. While most people rent property when they first arrive in Dubai, there is also the option to purchase apartments and houses in many areas.  To rent a property in Dubai, the government requires that you have a residence visa and a bank account.

The average monthly rent in Dubai is approximately 7,300aed — which translates to over $1,900. This price will fluctuate according to where you want to live in the city. Districts close to the beach are typically more expensive, whereas districts such as The Lakes and The Springs offer more affordable renting options. 

Move Your Belongings

In today's globally connected world, moving your belongings is easier than ever. If you prefer to move your items overseas rather than start fresh in your new home, you have a few options to consider:

  • Sea freight: Many families ship their belongings across the sea. Find an international moving company, pack your belongings into a container and your moving company will likely handle the details.
  • Airfreight: Your other option is to ship your household belongings via an air carrier. This method is less common and more expensive, but it’s helpful if you're moving on a tight timeframe. Airfreight cargo tends to be more convenient to organize and will get your belongings to the right destination much faster.

When it comes to moving your belongings, consider the cost of shipping versus renting or buying new items. Don't forget to factor in the price of storing your existing furniture, if applicable.

Understand Culture Change

Dubai’s culture is full of unique characteristics that may take some adjusting to. These changes will open up your worldview and introduce you to fascinating new schools of thought. Prepare to get pushed out of your comfort zone and experience new concepts of "normal" when you move to Dubai. 

Keep the following cultural characteristics in mind:

  • Diversity: Dubai is full of people from around the world. As such, it is known for a high level of tolerance for cultural differences. Chances are, you'll find other people to relate to who understand exactly where you're coming from.
  • Language: Arabic is the national language spoken in Dubai. While learning a few basic phrases and continuing to master the language will help you transition, most people in Dubai speak English.
  • Weekends: The typical workweek begins on Sunday and ends on Thursday in Dubai, which will be a shift from the norm for many expats.

Any Questions? 

If you have any other questions regarding your upcoming or recent move to Dubai, don't hesitate to reach out. Our team at Nord Anglia International School Dubai is here to help everyone in our community feel supported and heard. Learn more about our educational programmes and family life in Dubai today.