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15 May, 2019

Student Council

Albert Einstein once said that, “A student is not a container you have to fill up, but a torch you have to light up.” This is the essence of student leadership and student voice at NAS Dubai. We believe in empowering students with a voice that will allow them to become change makers.

We live in a dynamic and fast-paced world where our soft skills are becoming ever-more central to our success. School is about more than just getting good grades and our leadership programmes are key to developing these skills. 

At NAS Dubai we believe that leadership is for all, which is why we pledge to provide opportunities for every student who aspires to develop their leadership skills. Through a wide range of leadership positions, our students are becoming more creative and innovative problem solvers, more effective communicators and better decision makers. But most of all, they are doing it with empathy and integrity. 

Student Council and Student Voice

As part of our leadership programme, a Student Council (Secondary) and Student Voice (Primary – currently Upper-Primary only) is elected every year containing representatives from each year group. This group will have a whole school remit with the task of representing their peers to create positive change for all members of our school community. An example of this was the extremely successful Wellbeing Week, which is driven by the Student Council.

What other leadership positions can students apply for?

We offer a diverse and inclusive range of opportunities that mean all students can get involved. Whether this is driving change through the Student Council, becoming a figurehead for the anti-bullying movement across the school, or even taking on a leadership role within the classroom. 

In our Primary School, for example, students can apply to become leaders in the following areas: Digital Leader, Performing Arts Leader, House Captain and Sports Captain. 

In the Secondary School, the range of opportunities includes House Captain, Sports Leader, Form Rep, Anti-Bullying Committee, Cultural Ambassador, Charity Committee, Peer Listener, as well as leaders in every single subject. 

These are just some of the many opportunities available.