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16 May, 2024

Why is Learning Languages so Important?

Why is Learning Languages so Important? - Why is learning languages so important
Why is learning languages so important?
At NAS Dubai, multilingualism and multilingual learning are key aspects that define the diverse fabric of ‘who we are’. In bringing together students from various linguistic backgrounds we create a unique melting pot of cultures and languages and in doing so, the emphasis on multilingualism goes beyond the mere acquisition of languages and instead delves into the rich tapestry of cultural exchange and global awareness. What we observe as a result are educators crafting innovative teaching practices that cater to the linguistic diversity of their students.

Our curriculum has been carefully considered to provide for native language speakers as well as second language learners. Not only do we offer 5 world languages in both Language A and Language B levels, we also embrace the home languages of the 90+ nationalities that make up the unique composition of our school. In recognizing the importance of preserving linguistic and cultural identities and by integrating students' mother tongues into the learning process not only enhances the students' sense of belonging but also fosters a deeper understanding of their cultural heritage.

Digital literacy also plays a crucial role in promoting multilingualism. Digital tools and online platforms facilitate interactive language learning, allowing students to engage in real-time communication with peers from different linguistic backgrounds. Virtual classrooms and language exchange programmes have provided infinite opportunities for collaborative learning, breaking down linguistic barriers and promoting a sense of global community.

Empowering students to navigate a globalized world with cultural sensitivity and effective communication skills is core to what we are trying to achieve at NAS Dubai. We are so proud of our multilingual learning experiences which reach far beyond the confines of the world languages classroom…

Louise Nolan