04 May, 2023

The many ways we are celebrating Earth Week at Northbridge

The many ways we are celebrating Earth Week at Northbridge-The many ways we are celebrating Earth Week at Northbridge-thumbnail_Image-2
The many ways we are celebrating Earth Week at Northbridge
By Kesor Norin Heng (Eco Council)
Eco-Council's most awaited project, Earth Week, has been in the works for over 2 months. Members worked diligently to come up with innovative projects to encourage students to participate in becoming more eco-friendly.

Working towards Eco-Council's goal of becoming an Eco School, activities are planned based on the chosen themes of Waste and Biodiversity.


All activities include an aspect of reduction of waste, repurposing of waste and increasing biodiversity around Northbridge International School Cambodia. Throughout the next weeks, Primary students will participate in different student-led activities revolving around themes of biodiversity and waste.


EL2 to KG made a grand start for Earth Week by participating in a log painting activity that will serve as decorations in classrooms and around the school as a token of a stepping stone to becoming an Eco-School.

Grade 1 will take on the duty to improve the school's greenery, by planting various plants around the school. Grade 2 will be participating in a sustainable art project, where recycled water bottles will be decorated that will serve as stationery holders within classrooms. Grade 4 has an exciting scavenger hunt planned, with a surprise seed bomb at the end!


Earth Week will not be limited to these grades as a school-wide 'trashion' show will occur, utilising upcycled materials and the student's limitless creativity to create innovative outfits.


Be sure to look forward to new decorations and projects around the school and get ready to rock the trashion show runway!